Qt3 Movie Podcast: Looper

This week we go back in time to the time we each saw Looper. If you want to avoid Looper spoilers, jump ahead in time to the 58-minute mark to listen to this week’s 3×3 of underquoted quotes in overquoted movies.

Next week: The Master

Just thought I’d come in here and nerd out for a second:

Carrier: n., short for carrier wave. It’s a waveform that is modulated (by a modem, or modulator-demodulator) to carry a signal. The modem and associated drivers or software detects the loss of a carrier (i.e., NO CARRIER). When you have no carrier for a signal, you also lose the signal.

The data or modulating wave is the ones and zeros of your transmission. The modulator spreads out the carrier signal (into the modulated signal) when it sees a zero, and spaces the signal closer together when it sees a one. The demodulator on the other end of the transmission deconstructs the modulated signal by basically subtracting out the carrier.

Also: I was hoping Looper was a movie about a computer scientist, or maybe a programming languages researcher, that investigates the halting problem. Alas!

finally The Master

this means i didn’t go watch it in vain

That is so hot.