Qt3 Movie Podcast: Monster Hunter

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Monster Hunter
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When March 7, 2021

It's the best videogame adaptation since Sonic the Hedgehog!

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I’m getting a 404 when trying to download…?

Yup. 404 error for me too.

Seems fine in Pocket Casts, FWIW, have you tried the RSS feed?

I love your podcast so much that I’m going to watch this, just so that I can enjoy the Opsis more.

I also got the 404 in my client and the website version also doesn’t play/link correctly.

Okay, it should be fixed now!


Now it takes me to the front page of the QT3.

Which is where you’ll find the podcast. :)


Sorry, I thought there was a printed version.

Ha ha, Tom saw Monster Hunter twice!

Tom, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Stuber - I thought Iko Uwais was sadly underused in it. Granted, it was the Kumail and Bautista show, but given his physical chops, they could’ve given him some bigger, better shot setpieces.

Also your confusing Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa reminded me i should get around to watching Triple Threat - they’re both in it, and even if it’s no good I could always amuse myself by imagining how confused you’d be.

Yes! Exactly! I enjoyed Stuber way more than I thought I would, but they didn’t do much to justify bringing in Uwais. Did you see Mile 22? I think it might be underrated. Don’t quote me on that…

Oh, cool, they’re in a movie together! Of course they’re in a movie together. The entirety of Southeast Asia demands it!


At least it’s not as many times as I’ve seen Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. :(


Ah, Mile 22. The movie where the behind the scenes footage captures the fight choreography better than the actual movie. What that movie needed was for John Hyams to come in, put his foot his foot down and say: we’re shooting everything with a single camera, and we’re actually going think about where we’re going to edit before shooting.

Right? Now I’m wondering how many movies will be ruined by me listening to John Hyams talk to Scott Adkins about single-camera shooting in that conversation you linked. Thanks, Soren!


You’re welcome! :D

If you watch some of the other episodes with directors, it’s not a unique approach from competent action directors - Chad Stahelski for instance insists on having the camera operators rehearse the fights with the actors and stuntmen, using the equipment they’ll be using on the day.

For me my favourite insight was his take on sound design and music. It’s kind of a trite observation to compare action to dance or musical performance, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else make a point of having the beat of the combat be the thing that dominates the sound design, and not having the music dictate the emotion of the scene.

There were definitely minortaurs in the Bisonteen empire. Also, Tom, seems like you yearn to sound like a Brit.

Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

Clearly, the Bison Teen Empire is full of adolescent minotaurs!

Well, who doesn’t?


The irony is, what prompted me to look in the first place was I woulda sworn Bisonteen was the correct way. We should do tradesies!

RE: Kellywand’s opsis first or movie first conundrum. This does lead to the odd situation of social strife where you will ‘get’ something, perhaps loudly, if you go full opsis on something then watch the movie afterwards. Fortunately the pandemic has put pause to such indiscrete violations of etiquette occurring in high company or, worse, public. However I have no problem with delay-fused jokes coming to fruition in their own time, and a good opsis is a minefield of 'em.

It’s worth noting I have watched a couple of movies I wouldn’t have otherwise just off the back of wanting to enjoy the opsis more!

Ultimately its a chicken and egg problem for myself because I like to listen to the podcast to help me make more informed decisions about what to watch but this does of course come at the cost of things being spoiled. If it’s a movie I’m looking forward to anyway I’ll probably delay listening to the podcast until after I’ve seen it, but for something like Monster Hunter, what’s the harm? At least now I know I should probably check out the OST*. Sidenote; the over-under section is a great discovery tool regardless of how poor the main movie may be, and it’s probably the smallest segment of the podcast.

RE: RE movies. I binged the lot of them last year as part of the whole ‘pandemic cinema’ thing. As you say they’re pile of indistinguishable mush but there is an exception; the third one aka Resident Evil: Extinction. I’m not going to go full apologist or anything, Mad Max with Zombies has of course been done elsewhere, and better, but I’d still put it head and shoulders above the rest of the RE series.

It is, of course, the only RE movie not directed by PWSA.

* Kellywand hasn’t seen Blood Machines?!