Qt3 Movie Podcast: Oz the Great and Powerful

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Oz the Great and Powerful
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When March 11, 2013

As one character says in the movie, "Not so great and powerful, after all". We all agree. But we have a spirited disagreement about the original Wizard of Oz, variously calling it creepy, charming, hilarious, and dated..

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Wait... soo... when you guys were reading the listener submissions for the 3x3, and Tom said something like "What other [satisfying Pixar deaths] would qualify there?" and Kellywand said "Up." was he talking about the antagonist from Up dying... or the lady at the beginning?

Ugh... Spoilers!!!

I so wanted to this to be good. I didn't watch the "original" Oz until past my nostalgia-forming period, whereas I love all the Oz books and I was looking forward to seeing an "expanded" Oz universe. Instead, it's almost like a modern reskin.
The Baum books have so much more in terms of worldbuilding and characters, and they had a great visual sense perfect for film. Alas...

I meant the lady, and satisfying in that her demise led to the rest of the movie. And also because she was a total bitch. Actually, I didn't mean anything. As usual.

I kind of hoped you meant the lady. Because I lol'd... and then felt bad.

I can picture the scene with the boot, too. I don't know what movie it is...

My #2 is NOT a documentary, guys. It still counts. ;)

Tom - one point of clarification: Metacritic does not just aggregate reviews which have scores. It also takes reviews without scores - for example, The Wall Street Journal, Variety - and assigns them a score. Don't ask me how; some kind of secret sauce I imagine.

Reviews without scores aren't canon.

The song at the start of the Gatsby trailer is 'No Church in the Wild' by Kanye. Its clip is pretty cool.

Thanks Sam. I could not for the life of me remember the name of that song. I love the way it's used in the clip.