Qt3 Movie Podcast: Pet Sematary

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Pet Sematary
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 15, 2019

Some thing don't stay dead. For instance, crappy Stephen King adaptations..

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Warm Bodies had a Z bf. No idea what it’s like but imagine it’s a stone-cold classic.

Jess (jesús) Franco’s movie ‘The Female Vampire’ (it travels by various other names also) features a frequently naked Countess who is also impervious to sunlight. It comes in at least two versions one where she sucks men’s blood to drain them of life and expand her own and another where she sucks their seed to do the same.

I also can’t believe Kelly’s forgetting the landmark 1993 zom rom-com My Boyfriend’s Back, directed by Bob Balaban.

Oh, yeah, huh. “PROM!” - Arnold