Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Light Between Oceans

From Blue Valentine to A Place Beyond the Pines to this. Okay, Derek Cianfrance, it’s time for a pivot. At the 1:05-mark, this week’s 3×3 is a casting call for our own weird casting choices.

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The demographics were rather skewed at my showing. Of the forty or so people at the showing there was only two dudes. The rest all seemed to be women in their fifties.

I immediately recognized the dude from FX as the grandfather but it took me about ten minutes or so to realize the Sargent was from The Rover.

I was the only dude in my showing. And junior to everybody else in the audience by a good fifteen years…and I am not a young man.

I forgot to mention my favorite moment in the movie, and that was when the two women in front of me started a conversation about Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is a lot of space between rows in this theater as the seats recline like big old La-Z-Boy chairs, so you can usually get away with whispering. Their whispering was really like stage whispering, however, so I could hear some of what they were saying between the overbearing notes of Desplat’s score. I was so bored at that point I didn’t care.

This was right after the christening scene and for some reason these two women started talking about how you could tell that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kid looks like him. I guess they were debating some point about the little girl not looking like her parents, at all, but how this led them to the T-800 is beyond me. Still, it was entertaining.


“We can’t rightly talk about the future, if you think about it. We can only talk about what what we imagine or wish for.”

I’m dumbly loyal to watching the movies featured in each week’s podcast. Legend of Hercules, Warcraft, Mechanic: Resurrection? Yup. But even I couldn’t take this bullet. Thanks for the Life Between the-opsis though!

Sorry for the late question @ChristienMurawski, but when you say storage do you mean the act of storing only or would seeing things stored quality?

I have only listened to the first two entries in the 3x3 but I don’t know if I have the heart to continue listening. I can’t think of anything that would be both more predictable and more satisfying than Dingus talking for literal five minutes about a female actor who was in one scene in West Wing with an amusing character name that he can’t immediately recall as Spiderman and then spending another literal six minutes explaining that it’s not a reboot, it’s the same script as one of the other Spiderman movies, just with a woman in the role but no in-movie explanation is necessary, followed by Kelly’s Don Knotts as Gollum. I haven’t even listened to Tom’s yet but in my mind the next three are:

@tomchick: Timothy Olyphant as Leatherface, to general acclaim

@ChristienMurawski: When we watched Jason Bourne a couple weeks ago, I went back to re-watch the previous entries in the series and was struck by the quiet competence of Bourne with the occasional hint of playful je ne sais quoi. I thought back to previous actors whom I admired for these characteristics and, long story short, I’d love to see what Pal could do in that role.

Tom: Pal?

Dingus: Pal the Wonder Dog. The original Pete from the Our Gang shorts. I just think he was underused.

Kelly: Bourne has lines. How would they do his dialogue?

Dingus: I’ll let you in on a little movie magic. If you put peanut butter in a dog’s mouth, he’ll move his lips like he’s talking. And the actual lines would either be on interstitial cards as in the silent movies or perhaps a voiceover. I’ve already thought about this and I can’t imagine anyone better for that role than Velma Dinkley.

Tom: A small dog as Jason Bourne?

Dingus: It’s not a reboot! It’s a recasting!

@Kelly_Wand: Carrie Fisher as Buttercup.

“Captain Gorton’s Fishsticks”

Nice, Dingus!