Qt3 Movie Podcast: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

We’re not in Bruges anymore.
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I really enjoyed this movie. it kept subverting my expectations.

I liked the ending. I suspect that Dingus is right about what will happen, but I think that misplaced vengeance will continue to motivate and haunt them.

One of the moments that stood out for me in retrospect is when Willoughby is putting his daughters to sleep and one of them asks if they can have tomorrow off school as well. I want to watch the scene again to see if his face changes at all when he answers her.

Dixon’s mom was the aunt in Napoleon Dynamite.


What did you guys think of the moment where Frances McDormand’s bunny slippers talk to each other?


This was exceptional, up there near Fargo in my book. Must see.


Just saw this last night. What an awesome movie. Frances McDormand killed it. And the actress playing Dixon’s mom did a fabulous job (my wife, who runs a theatre company, kept muttering how awesome she was during her scenes… don’t worry, it didn’t disturb the other person in the theatre!).

As for specific parts, I especially liked the bunny slippers talking to each other. I also liked how the movie kept “subverting my expectations” as @marquac put it. I’m glad I finally saw this.


Yeah I finally got to see this. Excellent and bleak. Not the laugh riot In Bruges is, that’s for sure.

We were a way in at the police station inferno with the audience letting out that dark kind of laughter people do when they’re not sure if they should be laughing, you know? and the old geezer next to me leans over to his wife and says, “You know, I think this IS a comedy after all.”