Qt3 Movie Podcast: What Keeps You Alive

We saw this horror movie instead of the one about the nun.

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A most enjoyable opsis.

I’m glad I saw this because I absolutely loved the singing on the couch scene. I’ve played that scene multiple times.

Is this one I can safely listen to before watching the movie? The opsis (What Kopsis You Alive?) at least? Is the movie worth seeing at all?

A few jokes hinge on, uh, Opsis-Kelly totally misconstruing visual and auditory information. As opposed to Batman’s autopilot and people trying harder to microwave Prometheus’ head.

I did get the Bluebeard reference, but only because I learned about him in a comic book… And yeah, totally a spoiler.

I still don’t get the Blue Beard reference. Did he murder his same-sex husband during a weekend getaway or something?


Some of the details are a little different, but that kind of covers it.

Another movie I caught up on! Btw, if this is considered necroposting and is frowned upon, please let me know.


I think this movie is, to trot out a cliché, a mixed bag. I really didn’t like Brittany Allen’s (over)acting, even though the writing didn’t give her more to do. She reminded me of the character Carol in the Walking Dead series (specifically season 2, when I stopped watching), really one-notey frazzled all the time. She can’t row for shit, but we’re supposed to believe she made it across the lake? Ugh.

I didn’t mind Hannah Emily Anderson, but she was given a classic, one-dimensional movie-psychopath, i.e. “have no affect!”. Superboring. I bet the flashlight-under-the-face thing was a director’s choice, because it’s in line with the writing as well. But I think her singing that sinister folksong was probably the highlight of the movie, not least because of how that scene was framed and lit.

Expanding on the rowing bit: what Jules does after the cliff really cements that most of the probles stem from the writing. I didn’t buy her rowing, and I sure as hell don’t buy her rowing with a shoulder that was dislocated, and she somehow was able to push it back into the socket. What? Same with the scene in the bathroom, where she “examines” herself, noting that her ankle is broken, or not, and her spleen or whatever. That’s stuff she really would have realized a minute after getting up and WALKING THROUGH THE WOODS. But I guess we have to set up that she has medical knowledge. Which is a prerequisiste for putting bleach or whatever in the insulin bottles?
Those things compounded for me and caused the movie to break.

When it finally went over the cliff (heh) though was when Jules is sitting in the car and DECIDES TO GO BACK and become some sort of badass, just to “show her”?! The psycho you just witnessed killing two people, the person that has killed before, knows these woods, knows how to handle guns and blades? Out of defiance? Instead of driving a few minutes (or you know, flagging down the red car that was headed in the other direction) and coming back with the cops?
I actively hated the third act of the movie because of that, even if there is a soft subversion (Jackie/Megan overpowering her) of it. They even roll that back though, because she survives the second fall.

An alternative third act that I would have liked to have seen would be exactly that: Jules comes back with the police, but Jackie/Megan fucks her over and maybe even successfully frames her for the murder of Sarah and Daniel.
But I guess that would take a better writer, wouldn’t it.

I probably sound a lot harsher than the movie deserves - I don’t come down as hard on it as Tom dies, I think. I was ok with 2/3s of it, but eh…see above.

It is not frowned upon in the least! We’ve got nearly 500 movies with podcasts and anyone is welcome to revisit our discussions and weigh in at any time. We welcome it!

Now that you’ve seen Brittney Allan at her not-so-best, consider checking out It Stains The Sands Red. She really won me over in that. And for a far better example of the kind of movie this wanted to be, I heartily recommend Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge.

Melissa McBride has come a loooong way since season two! She’s been one of Walking Dead’s most capable actors for a while now. But I think she was typecast for a while as one-notey frazzled after The Mist. :)


“Won’t anyone see a lady home?”

Sweet! I recently realized that I’ve been listenting to the movie podcast preeetty much since it started, I’m just really bad at keeping up with message boards. I usually listen to your casts about movies I’ve seen (obv), or ones I’ll probably not see at all. In this case, I have some catching up to do, mostly latter half of '18 movies.

I saw Revenge already, thanks to your blogpost. I agree, it works way, way better than What Keeps You Alive, but I think that’s mostly because of what kind of movie it is. I’ll see if I can find It Stains The Sands Red.

Right, she was in The Mist! Her thing definitely worked there I thought. I…can’t go back to TWD, there’s no way.

You chose…wisely.


I echo what Tom says above. We love it when people eventually see a movie from an older movie podcast and want to comment. It’s really gratifying. It is a little horrifying, as I consider all of the horrifyingly dumb things I probably said, but I love it when it happens.

We have certain listeners who do this and it always makes my day.

Thank you!


“God, Jackie. This view is…WAAAAAAAAH!”