Qt3 Movie Podcast: World War Z

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: World War Z
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When June 24, 2013

When there's no more room in hell, Damon Lindelof will help write a confused Brad Pitt thriller that has some poorly directed zombie scenes in it. If you want to avoid World War Z spoilers, jump to the 59-minute mark for this week's 3x3 about cheese..

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Moe! Larry! Cheese!

Tom, when you were listing your favorite zombie movies from around the world, I was hoping that you would mention The Horde, a 2009 French film that wallows in nihilism and doesn't shrink from depictions of gore and depravity.

I like The Horde, and it's got a couple of good scenes, but I feel like the whole Tarantino-esque cops vs criminals prelude detracts a bit from making it a great zombie movie. Instead, it feels like one of those weirdly self-conscious genre hybrids. But it would definitely be on a list of runners up! :)

Actually, is it the best French zombie movie? Why hasn't the new wave of French horror done more zombie movies?

Not sure why you guys didn't mention Shaun of the Dead? And I guess Tom still hasn't played the Walking Dead game. :(

Sorry, still haven't played The Walking Dead game, unless you mean Rebuild, which I consider the game of the show AMC's Walking Dead wishes it was. :)

As for Shaun of the Dead, I like it, but mostly because it turns into a mostly earnest zombie movie after playing it as a comedy for a while. But I'm not a big fan of Simon Pegg as a leading man and a lot of the humor in Shaun of the Dead seemed obvious and broad to me. Also, I really really hated Spaced, so that might be a factor. :(

One of my favorite zombie movies is a Australian movie Undead. It features a bubba redneck wearing suspenders who can spawn dual pistols from thin air. It's stupid but a very fun movie.

I keep hearing about the opening of The Last of Us, looks like I need to go hit up YouTube and see what it's all about. Also, no zombie movie has yet topped the original Night of the Living Dead. Oh yeah.

No, Benny and Joon is not any good, guys, but I do remember the ironing scene. I don't have to pick movies I particularly like (and I think this has come up before on the podcast...)

Hey, JayLando here, finally getting to participate in the conversation again.

First off y’all, it is ME-RAY Enos, I love her.

I did not see the film but I enjoyed enough the book-on-tape version of the book. Mark Hamill played one of the people!

That said, you guys made me less inclined to see it but also I kind of feel like I HAVE to. If my standards are very low I bet I will find it watchable.

I agree with KellyWand that you cannot do a zombie film not rated R. But are they even zombies? I see them running in the trailer and that is against the rules to me.

In calling The Last Of Us a better film example, that makes sense, since it is a generic but well acted film broken up with rudimentary last-gen cover-based shooting and pressing the triangle button to make the AI get from place to place slowly.

28 DAYS/WEEKS LATER is NOT a zombie film! It is about infected/sick people. I go from the creole voodoo basis of slow and shambly because of the lack of control at a basic level. Those films are about the rage virus. I am sure you do not want to bother with this discussion but I just want you to know I got my eye on your Tom, like Robert De Niro in the FOCKERS films I have only seem the trailer of, but am sure it is an integral part based on how featured it is in every spot in the trilogy.

I *love* those RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD films, like the original DAWN OF THE DEAD. Charlton Booker is my favourite journalist (no offence?) and appreciate the shout out. Oh and Zone One is an interesting book and sorta(?) a zombie thing?

I am very excited about the 3x3 because I love trains!

I appreciate the podcast's ongoing efforts to remind everyone that Damon Lindelof is a hack of the highest order. It doesn't get said nearly enough.

BOO! You have no heart Paul . I am here to stand up and say Benny and Joon is good.

Undead loses me with its weird sci-fi flights of fancy, although I didn't see that coming. And I really like the lead actress. I love the last scene, which is partly spoilered by the poster art.

Not only is my name Joshua Marshall, but my sister's name is Sarah Marshall. Clearly, I'm permeating the Qt3 zeitgeist.

After watching Pontypool I feel that you could make a good movie about the book World War Z. That movie has almost no zombies in it. Your just watching the radio dj and his staff learn of the outbreak from outside sources. If that could work , then a guy traveling all over interviewing people about the war could work. It would be more like a fake documentary ,but that's what the book was . It might also work better as a tv series.

A-ha, I knew I knew that name! However, I'd forgotten about your sister.



Get it?

I almost listed Pontypool as an example of a Canadian zombie movie. Basically, one that's too polite to give a bunch of unruly zombies any screen time.

When the Brad Pitt is trying to sneak past the zombie and the ginger one keeps turning around and barking like a rabid dog, on his third bark everyone in the theater started laughing.
Then a short while later in the chamber and that same one is clicking its teeth, they drew it out too far again and people laughed.
I love the book but I felt the movie was a total failure. The people I went with like it, so there is no accounting for taste...

Could this movie have been more successful if the narrative had been structured through a series of vignettes? Obviously, the direction and writing were just bad...

So did Brad find a cure for the zombie fungus or am I confused?