Qt3 Movie Podcast: X-Men: Days of Future Past

I read the title of this article as "X-Men: Ocarina of Time."

Senility is cruel.

Also, you guys mentioned that you were annoyed at the overuse of the Zapruder-style 8 millimeter(?) film in the movie. Well, the thing that bugged me about that was...


I am totally amazed by your very polite, thoughtful and reasonable response white man! No, seriously, im sorry for the harsh tone in the comment, since you are usually the voice of reason and political correctness in the podcast, it must have struck my unreasonably antiamerican european bone more than it would have if it instead came from Tom or Wand. Thanks for the reply.

On a side note: although i enjoy Kelly´s Bei Ling and Costner very much, i must admit that i still revisit the Captain Phillopsis (or whatever it was called) for timeless quotes like:

"Oh, there is no engine room in an American ship."

"Noon is an ancient eskimo term for Somalian douchebag says what?"


I remember a very old gentlemen being disgusted by ANTICHRIST but hanging in there until the "blood cumming" scene near the end, when he said, "Fuck it!" and left, it was AMAZING!

I think it is so weird that a kid is that critical.
I think of youth as the time when it is ok to be dumb and just enjoy things.
For me, that was something that came as an adult but it is weird that a child would be as grumpy as his father.
Kind of sad...

I think Dingus' critique of using a device was weird because he loves AVENGERS and it is so reliant on the Loki pokey stick. Not really a big thing but I just remember thinking of that plot device when he was talking in this podcast about things he did not like about X-Men The World Is Not Enough Future Perfect.

I actually rather enjoyed the film, connection to the source material or not, but I think I also lack the passion that Dingus has about film. I think there are really good and sublime experiences and I am capable of evangelising them but I am never as wounded by an experience as Dingus is when he does not like something. It is neat mostly, but I feel bad his kid has to share the heartbreak.

I am 30 now and I did not for one second think, "I hate this". Except for ELEPHANT, I cannot think of any experience I hate. Too strong a feeling to put toward something like cinema. I see a lot, but if I felt things as deeply as Dingus I think I would avoid seeing as many films as I do.

This is not meant as a critique of anything or Dingus' parenting or anything of the sort... it is just so foreign a way of living and thinking to me.

Oh and about the justification of THE WOLVERINE and why the other X-Men were not there, I said it on that podcast and I will say it here, he was in JAPAN and it did not look like he brought his mobile, it makes nothing but sense to me that this was a solo gaiden (side story).

KellyWand, I think the president not knowing about mutants makes sense. It was not a public thing yet and I think there were so many "off the record" "black book" research things that it was probably on a need-to-know basis and the president is not president long enough to necessarily be on the list.

I wondering why the use of it was so maligned. Someone said it was a gag and they were over doing it but I did not feel they were "beating a dead horse" as much as making a mostly inoffensive stylistic choice... maybe I have not seen JFK enough to be as annoyed?

Part of my son's daily homework is called the Depth and Complexity Reading Report. The task in doing that involves spending at least twenty minutes reading something--the book he has out from the library, or whatever he's grooving on at home--and then writing a paragraph or two about it. The teachers have cleverly created a whole interesting topic structure that involves analyzing the day's reading. I love it, and he's really good at it.

One of my jobs as a parent is to help my kid develop critical thinking skills. This assignment does that for him, and I encourage (and push) him to take it seriously. On a related note, he understands why I'm taking notes during the movies we see. Sometimes he uses those critical thinking skills he's developing at school and at home while I'm doing that. Sometimes he doesn't bother.

I assure you he has plenty of dumb in his life (his dad loves Hudson Hawk after all). He totally loves both Alvin & the Chipmunks and...shudder...The Squeakquel.

So if you want to be kind of sad, be sad about that. Otherwise don't be concerned.

Also, while I appreciate the concern in your posts ci0ci0san, don't be worried about shared heartbreak. Not liking a movie is hardly wounding as you suggest above. It can be an invigorating experience, especially when you discuss it with someone you are close to who is capable of doing so.

Except for the end of Iron Man 3. Which was almost literally heartbreaking. But my son and I disagreed about that.

I just listened to the Prometheus podcast again, holy crap does Tom Chick sound completely different. These days it sounds like he's doing his best Mickey Rourke voice after a whiskey binge.

Oh, I am not really concerned. I think I was speaking extemporaneously but any critique of your parenting or whatnot would be super gross on my part.

Even just kind of bringing it up like I did feels pretty uncouth. Anyway, forget I said anything, I was being dumb, or "KellyWand".

I guess it is just because you speak so passionately and I feel like I have more of a "KellyWand" level of engagement with material, not apathetic but I certainly sound it.

I am worried it sounds like I used "KellyWand" twice in the pejorative. Not intended or intentional. I like him.

I agree about the Nixon actor. As much as they used him, they should have just brought Frank Langella on-board and had a proper Nixon!

One of my first thoughts after this ungodly mess of pointless cameos and awkwardly discarded characters was over was "I guess this was the movie Dingus wanted The Wolverine to be". I was delighted when the other guys needled him over it. :D

I am so excited for next week's "Enopsis"(?)