Qt3 really slow?

Over the past few days Qt3 has been very slow for me. It seems worse in threads with images (which makes sense I guess). Other sites seem to be normal for me. I rebooted my cable modem and router just to be safe, Are there any known issues going on @tomchick, @stusser @triggercut (I think you guys are the admins).

Also, I would swear there was a technical issues thread somewhere but my search didn’t turn it up. Is there a thread for posts like this?

I am so so so so so so so not an admin. :)

Sorry :-)

Actually I think I meant @Telefrog

I’m not aware of any current issues. Qt3 is loading fine for me.

Huh, weird. Glad it’s working for you though! :-)

Sorry, just to be clear, I’m not on the tech side of the house at all.

I’ve been seeing some slowness on my iPhone the last few days, where the background has loaded but there’s this “Loading …” text that sometimes takes up to a minute to resolve. I wasn’t sure if that was a problem on my end or not though.

I’m mostly using my PC and chrome, but I have seen that on my iphone too. That screen has multiple colored dots on it too, right?

Yes, I’m seeing that. I’m away from home for a while, so I’ve been solely using my phone for browsing Qt3 lately.

You probably just needed to hard refresh the page.

Re slowness, I really haven’t seen it, but we do monitor uptime and response times remotely and it is definitely slower over the past three days or so. I’ll restart stuff and maybe run an update.

I had done that, in addition to rebooting my modem, router, and PC.


For me, it’s not just Qt3, but all processes on my work machines. Maybe a virus? Or a problem with Windows 10? Qt3 and other websites seem to be running fine on my phone.

After restarting discourse, I’m seeing curls varying between 50ms and 230ms on the forum frontpage, most around 120ms, which seems perfectly reasonable to me, and pingdom got the whole page in 340ms which should be fine as a first load. No unreasonable load on the server before or after either.

It does seem better. I’ve entered maybe 8 threads. 7 loaded within a second or so. 1 took maybe 5+ seconds. It is weird. Up until several days ago things loaded pretty fast and I didn’t have any that were noticeably slow. Before your restart I would get some that are 30+ seconds. Hopefully it stays improved for me. Thanks for doing what you did!


Sounds like you have corporate malware on your machine… excuse me “security software to protect the shareholders”.

It does seem like things are moving faster on my phone now.

Something is up on the Internets today. I’ve had slowness on a lot of sites. Maybe something in the northeast only? Comcast?

We had issues when my gf was looking at Sherwin Williams with her mom for some paint choices. It wasn’t just Qt3, but I was having issues here this morning too including the site being unavailable.

Weird. Just checked no problems with cloudflare.

I noticed no problems with Qt3 recently. Could be an ISP issue…?