QT3 Secret Santa: Episode IV: A New Hope

(Never ask me not to title a thread something.)

It’s that time again.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we started the first Secret Santa. It’s time yet again to get this party started. Revel in making jokes about your gift selection! Live in fear for two months as you wait to see who was assigned you as a Santee!

Buy awesome things for each other!


The cutoff date for participation is October 24.

  1. Anyone interested in being a Secret Santa (and thus also a Santee) posts in this thread with an “I’m in” or something to the same effect. Please indicate in your post whether or not you would be willing to ship a gift internationally.

  2. You can provide for potential Santas to gift things to you either by providing me with your mailing information where you can receive a gift, or by providing me with a URL to an Amazon or Funagain or other such wishlist. This can be done by PM, so only myself (as coordinator) and your Santa will have this information. The wishlist option exists so that the exchange of personal information will NOT be necessary to participate in the exchange. (But it’s generally more fun if you do.)

  3. I will not disclose personal information to anyone other than your Santee unless you expressly tell me it’s OK. In previous years, there were some forumers who were asking for other people’s addresses to surprise them with gifts. Please understand that in order to protect people’s privacy I simply can’t do this.

  4. Wishlists can be either private (only your Santa will see the URL), or public (people here might wish to give gifts to more than one person), at the Santee’s discretion. Plus, we learn cool things about you if you post it publicly.

  5. We’ll keep track of who is in at the top of the thread, just to keep things neat and orderly. You have until October 22nd to declare your participation. You then have until the end of October to send me your contact and shipping information. You can send it early if you want.

  6. After the cut-off, I will PM each person with the information needed to gift something to their Santee. Each participant will be responsible for their gift to another. No freeloaders! If you don’t give a gift, we’ll know.

  7. There is a $20 minimum gift value; no maximum.

  8. You can subtly or not-so-subtly talk about things you’d like to get in this thread, although that in no way means you’ll get what you ask for.

  9. When you receive your gift, PM Ryan so he knows you have something, just to make sure.

  10. On the week of December 19th, we begin opening gifts. Have a camera ready so you can snap a picture and get it in the thread!

Additional notes for this year - fire has volunteered to help and be my deputy for assigning and managing pairings, which is enormously helpful. I am much less busy this year than last, though—so expect a better experience this time around. I still feel bad about last year.

Previous years’ threads: one, two, and three.


October 24 - In-ness must be noted by the end of this day.
October 27 - Pairings will be decided.
November 1 - You need to get me your contact information via PM by the end of this day. I’ll send reminders.
December 10 - You should have your gift out the door by this date; earlier for international shipping if possible.
December 19-25 - Open the gifts! Christmas falls on a Saturday this year.

If your name is bold, that means I’ve been told or have seen that you’ve received your gift.

Opened and revealed gifts will show a link to the post with the opening as well as the relationship in the form of Santa > Santee.

Abilio Carvalho
shift6 => Adam Altmann (2)
Michael Fortson => Bad Neighbor
Balasarius => Bahimiron
cheapfilms => Balasarius
Troy Goodfellow => Bill Dungsroman
Hawkeye Fierce => Brian Rubin
Adam Altmann => Cormac
Crater (2)
Creole Ned
Demon G Sides
Robert Sharp => DennyA
Drastic => Diddums
Marcus => Drastic (2)
jason => Equis (2)
mmalloy => fire
sinfony => frank austin
Pogo > Funkula
Jon Rowe => Genji
Hans Lauring (known delay)
krayzkrok =>Hawkeye Fierce
Jarmo => Houngan (2)
Diddums => IainC (2)
Houngan => Jarmo
Hans Lauring => jason (2) (3)
Ryan Markel => Jon Rowe
RyanMichael => Matt Bowyer
IainC => Michael Fortson
Bad Neighbor => Mightynute
snowcrash22 => Mike O’Malley
nixon 66 => Murph
Bahimiron => Nawid A
Crater => Nellie
Nixxter => nixon66
VegasRobb => Nixxter
Mike O’Malley => nlanza
Nellie => noun
noun => Omniscia
Brian Rubin => Robert Sharp
Ryan A => Rorschach
funkula => Ryan A
Rorschach => Ryan Markel
seventimessix => RyanMichael
Bill Dungsroman > seventimessix (2)
sinnick => shift6 (2)
sinfony (known delay)
Tortilla => sinnick (2)
Siren (pretty sure this is received, but checking)
Omniscia => snowcrash22
frank austin => Thongsy
Equis => Tortilla
JPR => Tracy Baker
Matt Bowyer => Troy S Goodfellow
Tracy Baker => Vesper
Thongsy => XPav
Vesper => XtienMurawski

Holy shit it is still September!

We started it even earlier last year. Would have done earlier than this for this year but I was out of town.

Now it’s on. :)

Hot DAMN I am in! This is the best part about winter.

No international shipping this year.

I am so in.

I’d rather ship domestically, but if international shippers are needed go ahead and check me as a yes.

In before Dungsroman.

No international shipping. The file they have on me is extensive enough.

I’m in. No international shipping, and I must state up front that I will be somewhat slow/late in actually opening anything sent to me due to my busy schedule of being on vacation for the rest of the year.

I’m in, and can do international shipping.

I am totally in. I would prefer to ship in the USA.

This has always been a very fun part of Qt3. Many thanks to Ryan Markel (and this year to Fire too) for organizing this!

In, prefer to go domestic only this year as last year I ended up spending a bunch of my budget on the actual shipping rather than the gift.

I hope we have less loose ends this time around.

I’m down and in and for it and stuff.

I’m in, no problem with int’l

In like a Djinn

(no international, U.S. Customs is on to me, and I need to lay low)

In like Tron.

No international shipping please.

In like dwinn. No int’l this year if at all possible.

I am so in. Yay!

No international shipping.

I’m in!

I’m in. Would prefer someone easier to stalk, but it’s the luck of the draw, I suppose. I feel obligated to throw down for international shipping as I was the beneficiary of it last year.