QT3 (Unnoficial) GOTY - CONSOLE Voting Begins HERE

I’ve tabulated the entries and done the math.

Here are your selections for QT3 Console Game of the Year!

Final Fantasy XII
Dead Rising
Gears of War
Zelda - Twilight Princess

Voting is through New Years EVE.

Once the voting has closed I’ll post the actual voting numbers from the original balloting. Some interesting stuff there…

why no poll?

PS dead rising

GH2 didn’t make it? Fucking whoa.

It was close, but not so close that it needed to make the poll.

Apologies if the poll closes early… The polling software is kind of annoying.

I can start a new topic, or you’ll have to get your votes in by Sunday Morning (I think).

FF XII, I guess. But I only played that and Oblivion, so it’s kind of a dodgy vote.

I write-in Wii Sports, otherwise abstain.

I say vote!

Problem is, I didn’t play any of the nominees – just watched other people play them. Oblivion is an exception, but I played that on the PC.

Andrew Mayer is a front for Diebold.

Ah polling. How sweet it is.

Tough call between Oblivion and Gears of War.

Oblivion - I put in 150 hours into that game. For those who have never played World of Warcraft, Oblivion is its single player equivalent. Well maybe not. But it’s still crack.

Gears of War - By sharp contrast, this was a much shorter ride. But that’s like saying a roller coaster is a short ride. It was fun and amazing from beginning to end.

Actually, I think FFXII is closer to WoW than Oblivion is.

Guitar Hero 2, then Bully, then R6:V.

I guess it’s a good year when none of your favorites made it on to the official unofficial list.

Also, did anyone else find Okami to be severely lacking in actual gameplay? It was beautiful, but the little green jerk told you the answer to every puzzle before you even started to think about it.

I agree wholeheartedly. The game is quite overrated.

Yeah, I didn’t really get Okami. It was just so incredibly talky, and the gameplay was meh. Certainly nice to look at, though.

I voted Gears of War, but the best console game of the year was clearly -

Saint’s Row

Agreed, the amount of talky bits put a damper on my enjoyment, but I only had played just beyond the first dungeon. I really disliked the combat arena stuff too, plus the collection is overbearing.

Yet, I keep convincing myself to give it another real chance…sometime. Like Yakuza. I want to love.

FFXII got my vote, Dead Rising would be my close second from that list.

It’s going to be very amusing around here when I actually publish the voting numbers.

But I like the second round polling. It makes everything feel very Oscar like.

Huh? Do you mean for this poll?

(Because we can already see those.)

Godhand, where is Godhand?

Well, the only game on that list I played was Gears of War, so I picked it. I would say Saint’s Row or Viva Pinata if they were on there.