Quantic Dream can now bring quick-time events and melodrama to other platforms

Title Quantic Dream can now bring quick-time events and melodrama to other platforms
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When January 29, 2019

NetEase has purchased a minority share in Quantic Dream. Thanks to this new partnership, the Paris-based studio will be able to take their unique game ethos to platforms outside of Sony's PlayStation universe after making exclusive games for the past 12 years..

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Any word on Epic Game Store exclusivity on PC?

Bleh, nausea, vomit. David Cage’s storytelling prowess is about on par with the movie version of Max Payne. For him to claim to be some kind of pioneer is pure hubris. Let’s not forget that these are the guys that made a game where you could force your character to do a topless striptease. And created a fully rendered naked model of Ellen Page for a game without her permission and left it in the code. No matter how interesting their games look initially, they’re inevitable disappointments. Whenever I see a trailer, I perk up at first, then notice it’s a Quantic Dreams title and lose interest.

Their last robot game looked pretty good but then I never played it, being a PS4 exclusive.

That Quantic Dream has pioneered complex branching narrative in games is basically undeniable. They have also been at the forefront of performance capture and representing emotion in games. Those have always been Cage’s areas of interest. He has never claimed to be a genius writer, that’s a bogus affectation that critics have projected onto him for some dumb reason. He writes pulpy genre fiction as a playground for interactivity and drama. So what?

Anyway, my guess is QD plans to leverage streaming tech to bring their games to mobile platforms in addition to traditional consoles and PC. I bet Netease sees a huge potential for growth there.

Do you want to take a second pass? I’m pretty sure you could eek out an even more nonsensically reductive, bad faith interpretation of what I wrote if you really put your heart in it.