Quantum Leap 2022 - NBC

Woah, that CGI looked pretty average. I assume it is something to do with cost and having to pay other actors, particularly if they get speaking lines, even if they are over-dubbed.

Well that’s pretty damned interesting. Obviously maintaining some continuity as @vinraith Was asking about.

You do know it’s on regular old NBC, right?

Everything looks great, except the romantic subplot. Why? Shoehorned romantic subplots aren’t tight!


As a get older this bugs me more and more. Doesn’t conflict of interest mean anything to anyone? Same with Professionalism!?!

/old man yelling at the sky

Wow, the effects of driving in a car are straight out of a TV show from the 1950s or 60s. The moving exteriors are either painted on the windows digitally in post or they’re doing the old “projecting onto screens from the other side” trick. Meanwhile the lighting on the actors’ faces just looks off and fakey throughout because they’re sitting in a stationary car mock-up, obviously.

Is this what network TV has become? The effects in the old show were better ffs.

Damn, just busy watching it now. You’re right! Its SOOO bad, haven’t seen that in a long time! Perhaps its an “omage” to the 80s era? :)

Also the car chase seemed like it was lifted straight out of an 80s action show (including hitting the hot dog cart).

I think we are all spoiled by HBO, Apple, Disney+ and other premium streaming services.

I remember NBC, ABC, CBS all have terrible driving special effects.

Not all shows. I think ‘Modern Family’ used to pull actual cars around and film the characters inside. But overall - yeah.

Has anyone here seen the new show? Any good so far?

I’m watching it. So far I’m enjoying the premise, and the ties back to the original series. It does focus more on present day and the team there than the original did. I like that it’s a continuation, and if the show doesn’t get cancelled soon, it will be a real shame if they can’t get Scott Bakula back for a small guest spot.

I’m enjoying it but it’s by no means amazing. I had to laugh at the most recent episode. They were talking about how many jumps for Ben to get to his “unknown destination” (that is almost certainly Sam Beckett), and someone said something about “could be 10 or as many as 20” and I shouted at the screen “like a season of network television?”

Well, I watched 2 episodes and am already losing interest, even though I was a big fan of the original. Its just leaning too hard into that team drama that current proceduals have and feels a lot more serious than the old show.

I’m waiting for the super obvious painful Chevy and Subway sponsorships to show up.

“Ziggy estimates there’s a 79% chance you’re here to convince Subway management to adopt toasting subs BEFORE Quiznos.”

I’m waiting for a crazypants episode where Ben attempts to escape
the responsibility of fixing other people by leaping into Sam just before Sam disappeared but then, to Ben’s horror, he realizes that Sam hadn’t actually disappeared but had leaped into Ben. Oh wait, I think that’s the porn version.

I have enjoyed the show so far. Its been a pretty good modernization of the original and uses the dna of that show in a way that makes Sam and Al’s legacy relevant. Anyway it appears that the show is doing quite well ratings wise as they just extended its originally planned run of 12 episodes to 18.

I feel like the entire success of this show depends on the audience thinking Scott Bakula might show up. Since he announced he won’t be participating, is the whole thing a waste of time?