Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

It’s also on FilmStruck currently. And in my watchlist. I have never seen it…one of those that passed me by.

I saw them! I don’t expect anyone to wait for me and my girlfriend. If we can’t catch a film on Netflix or Prime then I’m sure we’ll be able to get it on Cinema Paradiso via snail mail. We’ll just have to be organised so it gets sent in good time.

Good Show! Don’t forget to nominate! :)

To balance out the Japanese onslaught, here is some of the finest Hong-Kong drip.

I’ve actually wanted to see In the Mood For Love for awhile, so I’ll second this nomination.

I love that this is turning into Qt3 Asian Movie Club.

So far my instinct is to back CraigM’s IP Man nomination. I’ve been wanting an excuse to watch that for a while now.

I was wondering – is there an Asian theme for this round?

Just a lot of pent up demand that’s coming out I think.

Well, this is interesting. I’ll try to vote and join in the conversation (if the kid allows).

To balance out the Asian and actual humans onslaught, here’s one of my favourite animated films:

I’ve only seen it once and this seems as good a reason as any to watch it again.


So as of Tuesday, 02 OCT 2018, the nominations are:

The Castle of Sand

Ip Man

Tokyo Tribe

The Hallelujah Trail

Tokyo Drifter

In the Mood for Love

Mary and Max

Tokyo Story


The Emperor of the North

Oh, and Chupacabra Terror.…from a troll.

If you want to posit a film for Movie Club, get your nominations in! Nominations cease and voting begins on THU 04 October 2018.

Seems to be a mix of kung-fu actioners, cartoons and a couple good ones. Add me in for a standing order of Tokyo Story (just to stay with the “Tokyo” theme) since it’s pretty much considered the best non-Hollywood movie ever made and people usually have to be talking in to actually watching it!

I nominate the following movie:

Nice. I saw that once, and really liked it, but ages ago. Right after it came out.

Nice pick, watches it probably 3 months ago for he first time.

Ok, I want to nominate one of my favorite movies that I never hear anyone mention:

Never saw Marty, but this is the best Ernest Borgnine performance I’ve seen as the villainous Shack.

And one of my two favorite Lee Marvin performances also – this and Cat Ballou.

I may actually vote for this. I was eyeballing this two weeks ago, and checking out Aldrich’s credits on IMDB and wondering why I had never seen it, what else he’d done, etc. But I didn’t pull the trigger on Amazon for whatever reason.


Definitely a guy movie – I don’t remember a single female line in it – but I have always loved it for its mythic look at riding the rails as a hobo during The Great Depression. Keith Carradine is also great in it as the young hobo you alternately root for and dislike. It’s one of those movies that makes you think, this is what it must have been like even though it probably wasn’t.

And Ernest Borgnine, wow, he finally got to use those crazy eyes of his in a role that suited them.

There is a quality streaming copy online. Not youtube.