Questions About CNN

Why doesn’t CNN have an ombudsman?

When is the last time that CNN scooped an important story?

Why does CNN usually cut away from important and historical press conferences before they are done?

Why does CNN rarely cut away from press conferences regarding sex crimes, sports stars or gruesome murders?

Why does CNN, during their own promotional spots, tell me that I think they are the most trusted news service?

Why does CNN rarely report about the issues of the poor, ghettos and the homeless?

Why do so many CNN anchors get away with editorializing constantly?

Why do so many CNN anchors use subjective hot button words like “evil”?

Why do CNN anchors drum every single dopey buzzword that comes down the pike to death?

Why do CNN anchors, moderators and interviewers interrupt panel participants and interviewees rudely and incongruously?

Why does CNN hype the war in Iraq?

Why does CNN hype everything ? Why is everything played forte?

Why does CNN get nearly every Middle East incident casualty count wrong?

Why does CNN never admit a factual mistake with an apology and a correction on the air?

Yeah CNN sucks. What else is new?

Answer to every single question: because that’s what people do and don’t care about, and that’s what they want to see.

Rich, please report to CNN headquarters for an embedded reporter embedded in your, er, head.

CNN was slashed apart when AOL “bought” the company in 2001. They were refocused from a hard news organization into a entertainment focused one.

I still find CNN Headline News to be quite good. If a little dry.

Their online site is also pretty good.

The answer to most of those questions is that some time over the years, news become profitable.

Then it became entertainment in order to be more profitable.

That’s slightly off the mark. As I understand it news divisions began as an outgrowth of the way that the airwaves were licenesed by the FCC. As a public trust stations needed to prove that they were living up to their civic duty. When that requirement was weakened (under Reagan, I believe) the news divisions suddenly needed to fend for themselves and were expected to make money.

Ah, fair enough. But the end result is the same: When they needed to be profitable, they needed to be more entertaining. Hence more drama, more emphasis on simple slogans, etc.

MSNBC has prettier anchor babes.

Its true. And the morning ladies have a tendency to show off thigh while sitting on stools.