Quick dance pad question

Do dance pads (either ps2 or xbox) replace your controller or work with your controller? I was wondering if for average games you could use both at the same time?

On PS2, Dance Pads replace the controller. The different directions of the dance pad correspond to the different d-pad directions, and the X, Triangle, Start and Select buttons are also represented on the pad (sort of in the corners).

You could have a dance pad plugged into port 1 and a regular controller into port 2, I suppose.

I don’t think for average games you could really use the two in conjunction.

If your game involves a dance pad, you’re already out of the realm of average.

Well I don’t have the use of my right hand so I was thinking maybe I could use the dance pad to hit buttons instead of my left hand doing everything.

Yep. Note that the above doesn’t include shoulder buttons, which would probably be your biggest compatibility issue.

If you’re in the market for a dance pad, I can recommend the Red Octane Ignition Pad – since it has foam on the inside, it’s not as hard on the knees, and it’s well-constructed enough to last a good long time. I got one a few months ago and it still looks new, even though it’s been used quite a bit.

I’m not interested in dancing. Just the ability to use my foot to hit some buttons. Guess now I’m thinking about buying a cheap one and hacking some merger between the two.