Quick Jedi Academy question

The talk of Jedi Knight in the FPS level thread got me to install Jedi Academy, which I got for free but never played. Anyway, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the health packs. At least I assume that’s what the blinking things I find on the ground are for. The “interact” button doesn’t work nor does running over it.

Any help?

I think I bound it to Z, or maybe it was there to begin wtih. You should be able to set a key for it in the key bindings menu.

All I got was the CD case version of the game so I have no manual. From within the game I have looked at the controls but only see a “use” key, but that doesn’t seem to work on the health packs.

You can only use/pick them up if you’re down health. Otherwise, just run over them. You can’t stockpile them.

I’m confused. I see them and use my force power to pull them to me; it says I have a health pack but my health doesn’t go up.

More importantly, did anyone ever make a nude-skin for the female twi’lek?


You’re sure you’re looking at the right bar? Red is health, green is shields. Different powerups.

Could be. I’ll have to play some more and look closely. Since there is no in-game explanation for the interface and since I didn’t play any of the earlier games, I could easily be confused.

Well don’t worry about not having the manual . . . I just checked mine, and no mention anywhere of health packs. Just Force Heal.