Quick opinions needed--Sony PS4 Gold headset, or...?


Hey all, I know I can plug any old stereo earbuds into the 3.5 mm jack in the controller, but if I want simulated surround, what should I get? I realize the Sony Gold probably only does simulated surround with the PS4 (and probably only wirelessly), and I’ve heard their bass is lacking. Still, the price is pretty attractive, but what are some alternatives that still do simulated surround? And maybe even work for PC games as well?


Recent builds of Win10 come with Windows Sonic surround codec and you can buy the Dolby Atmos/Headphone from the Win10 App Store. Or Razer Surround at: https://www.razer.com/ca-en/surround

Get comfy headphones and use a software codec. I have/had the Logitech G633/933 and while they come with 7.1 virtual headphones (Dolby HeadphoneX) they are uncomfortable.

I have the Gold headset and its surround doesn’t work for PC.


Thanks for the reply. The Sony Golds don’t have surround on the PC even with that software you mentioned, then? But they still do stereo, I gather? Wirelessly or via USB?


they still do stereo on the pc so you can then use the other software if you want.


Someone recommended the ASTRO A40 in another thread and I picked up a pair, but I’m probably going to send them back. The sound was nowhere near as good as my soundbar, regardless of various settings & the equalizer presets, and does not appear to have surround despite its claim. (At least, in RDR2.)


Astro brand stuff is flimsy and overpriced.


Best headset I can recommend for comfort is the HyperX (Kingston) Cloud II.


@Papageno so what did you decide on?


Probably going to go for the Sony PS4 Gold if I can get a good deal on it (the new 2018 redesign).


This one?

Edit: Whoops, I think this one is newer:

(That one is $15 off – so $89.50 – if you use Amazon’s reload feature, which I’ve never used.)


Thanks for the link, because that’s a good deal! Let’s hope that’s really the 2018 version as advertised. I went ahead and ordered it.


Sure thing. I ordered one too. I’m happy with my soundbar, but have to use headphones if I play with (and chat with) anyone else, as I discovered tonight. I’m hoping I can continue to use my Blue Yeti microphone and not the mic on these phones.


Question from a PS4 Pro noob. My Blue Yeti microphone is connected via USB, and when I need to chat via the PS4 chat I plug my old Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset into the audio jack of the microphone. When I’m not using headphones, sound goes to the TV via HD and from the TV to a soundbar.

There are two issues with this. One, game sound quality is only passable in the headphones. Nothing like how the same phones sound on my PC. Second, occasionally sound will cut out entirely on both headphones and on the TV, until I disconnect the microphone’s USB. This is sort of tolerable as there’s a workaround, but it’s annoying.

In a few days the above-linked Sony PS4 Gold will be arriving, and I was thinking I would connect it to the Yeti’s sound jack as I have been doing with the Sennheiser.

In a nutshell, I want good surround sound over the headphones, I want to be able to switch back and forth between TV and headphones seamlessly, and I want to continue using the Yeti mic and not the built-in Sony PS4 Gold mic.

Recommendations, advice?


Sorry. It wasn’t clear in the initial post whether or not the headset was to be used for PS4 or PC primarily.

For the surround support, only a few first party Sony games are supported and their profiles have to be manually downloaded and enabled 2 at a time from the PS4 app. The same headset when plugged into PC only works as 2.0 not virtual surround unless you use software-based codecs like the aforementioned Razer Surround or DTS.

In Windows 10 you can easily choose the Yeti as the “default communications device” (mic) for input and the default playback as the headphones. I’m not sure how it would work or if it’d be possible on the PS4.


Not sure if that was a response to Papageno, who was looking at his PS4 and his PC, or me. That’s what I get for hijacking Papageno’s thread. :) I’m only interested in getting good headphone sound on my PS4 Pro.

I’d like to have the Yeti (on the PS4) set as the input device and the output device, and plug the PS4 Gold headphones (or alternative headphones that are better) into the Yeti.

My hope was that the Gold would, in this configuration, provide surround sound right out of the box without any downloads.


No it won’t get surround if you plug it into the analog aux of the yeti and use with PS4.

The surround is dependent on the USB receiver it is paired with.


Doh, I should have realized that I guess! Thanks. :)

Shouldn’t disrupt my setup too much, assuming I can disable the headset’s mic and still use the Yeti’s.


Gold arrived today. Sounds OK, but not nearly as good as the soundbar. Huge difference. I’d probably be able to live with that, since I’d only need it when playing with friends (which is rare at this point) but unfortunately it’s all or nothing with input/output. Can’t use the Yeti mic while using the headset. That’s a dealbreaker, so back to Amazon it goes!


Not that anyone probably cares, but I just picked up some Sony MDR7506 headphones for $76 and they sound great. Was planning to try connecting them to the TV to bypass any potential PS4 Pro limitations, but the quality is surprisingly good when hooked up to the Yeti mic that’s connected to the PS4 via USB. Third headset/headphones I’ve tried, third time’s the charm I guess.

The only downside is the pleather gets a little warm after a while. I can live with that, though.


Yeah, I love those cans. The pleather does start to flake away after about a year so I’d recommend looking for some velour replacement ear covers. There’s a bunch on Amazon for not much money.