R.I.P., Dean Stockwell

He was 85. Sources representing the actor say that he died peacefully, in his sleep at home.

Had a good run for sure. Could have been posted in the movies section as well given the career he had and since people are revisiting the Lynch Dune these days, but Quantum Leap was where he popped up on my radar first.

I was just about to post the same thing.

He had roles in so many Sci Fi shows, including Star Gate SG-1.

Sadness, loved everything he was in. I recall last seeing him in the BSG reboot series.

Wait actually I recall seeing him in a single episode of NCIS a few years ago with Scott Bakula.

RIP sir.

Saw this feature in the sidebar of the article. Totally interested in “The Boy With Green Hair” and that film he did with Welles based on Leopold & Loeb.

Also The Dunwich Horror, twice.

Nice pictorial timeline. He’s had quite the career. As with JD, Quantum Leap is where he first came the forefront although I’d seen him in many roles previously.

A million deaths were not enough. :(

True story: Neil Young and Dean Stockwell were friends, and the actor gave the musician a script to read for a post-apocalyptic movie he was working on. Young was intrigued and asked if he could do the soundtrack, and Stockwell readily agreed.

Unfortunately, the movie screenplay never got made, and was eventually lost. But the soundtrack album Neil Young was working on for it survives as one of the all time classics of the era, After the Gold Rush.

Is this a cultural reference?

It’s a Dune reference. A million deaths were not enough for Dr. Yueh (the role Stockwell played in the 1984 movie)


“You move in mysterious ways, but I like it!”

RIP. A rare case of an actor who worked regularly in Hollywood from childhood up to his 80s. Like a bunch of folks here, I first became aware of him during his 80s big screen renaissance, with not just Dune and Blue Velvet but also Paris, Texas, To Live and Die in LA, The Legend of Billie Jean, Married to the Mob etc., which set him up for the Quantum Leap gig.

“Dean Stockwell slaps!”

—a perceptive friend of mine

For me it was The Player that really made me take notice of him, although obviously his career was well along by that point.


I have been watching the last season of BG after stopping a few years back, didn’t think he was that old.

Loved him in Quantum Leap, and had seen him in a couple of other things, but had no idea he had done so much.

Oh man he was great in anything. RIP.

Here’s to your FUCK, Frank.

Suave? Goddamn, you’re one suave fuck.

Those photos of him with those giants of the 20th century. Welles? Hemmingway?

And just like that, we’re that much closer to that era moving from memory to history.

Incredible pictures, and incredible story @triggercut.