R.I.P. Jam Master Jay

Anyone who, like me, grew up listening to rap music in the 80’s before it became the evil empire it is today should feel a small pang of sadness. The D.J. from the trailblazing group Run-DMC, Jam Master Jay, was shot in the head and died last night in a recording studio in Queens.

Run-DMC never rapped about gats, bitches, rollin ’ on 20’s, and ice on their wrists and made rap digestable for the caucasian, music buying public. That makes it all the more curious as to why he was murdered.

I figured it deserved a mention.

I was sorry to see that news also. I just picked up the Run DMC Greatest Hits CD at Wal-Mart 3 weeks ago. I played basketball and ran track on predominantly black teams during Run DMC’s heyday (1983-1988) and thought I had heard enough Run DMC to last me a lifetime until I was feeling nostolgic and bought the CD of course.

Christmas in Queens is one of my favorite modern Christmas songs.


Not possible. :)

Christmas in Queens is one of my favorite modern Christmas songs.


“Christmas in Hollis*”, but I will forgive you that one transgression. :wink:

[size=2]*Which is in Queens for any of you that are unaware.[/size]

There is officially no respect left for anything in this world.

You do not shoot members of Run-DMC in the head, or anywhere else for that matter.

(Oh, and to be fair, Run-DMC has at various times rapped about gats, bitches, and ice on their wrists.)

I realize that, but it was not the focus of their songs. They told stories, had fun, and bragged about their skillz on the m-i-c:

“The Kings of Rock their is none higher,
sucker MC’s can call me sire.
I won’t stop rappin’ 'til I retire.”

“Jam Master Jay king of the cross-fader…
He’s the better of the best, best believe he’s the baddest,
Perfect timin’ when I’m climbin’, I’m a rhymin’ apparatus.
Lotta guts when he cuts girls move there butts,
His name is Jay here to play he must be nuts…”

for example.


“Lick it now, lick it good,
lick that pussy just like you should.
My head, my neck, lick my pussy and my crack.”

I could go on and sure there are examples of tamer stuff, but it ain’t like it used to be.

Shakes cane and fist in the air at the young whipper-snapper rappers.

Fucked up news…heard it last night. :evil:

“The Kings of Rock their is none higher,
sucker MC’s can call me sire…”

I liked The Beastie Boys tribute to that line:

“I’m the King of Boggle, there is none higher
I gets eleven points off the word ‘quagmire’”


It all pales in comparison to the Big Tymers’ “Oh yeah”

‘I’m your number one lover,
and we don’t need a rubber.
Now, look what we done did,
messed around and had some kids.’

Wow. What social commentary.

‘J-A-Y are the letters of his name,
cuttin’ and scratchin’ are the aspects of his game.’

Yeah, I read somewhere he had been dealing drugs on the side and the murder was related.

Actually, there’s mention of that in that article.

I heard he faked his death, went into hiding, and posts on the Internet using a similar name.

I can’t believe we had this thread all those years ago.

I know!!!