R.I.P. Prima Games


What I meant is that essentially 100% of the population likes to defrag their hard drive, if you know what I mean, while a substantial portion don’t play videogames.


I sincerely thought they were long gone.


Not for everything, no. But I used to be able to go to Gamefaqs for practically any game and find four or five obsessively detailed full guides and 8 or 9 specialized ones, more for the really popular stuff, and now there are plenty of more obscure games with little more than a few board topics, and even the popular stuff tends to only have a couple guides.

And if you search the general internet for that info, chances are it’s in a fucking video.


So did I


What? I beg to differ.



Yeah, the boards are a dying breed. You can hang on with all your might but not only does the younger generation go to videos to watch how to play games… sometimes they do that more than they do actually playing games.


Which pissed me off no end. When I want to know how to do something, I want to know how to do something. I don’t need to listen to/watch some yootoober drone on and on rather than getting to the fucking point.



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I might not be as well seasoned as some of you, but I can’t stand listening to most videos in gaming or podcast. I just want to spend a minute looking something up and get back to playing. I don’t often have to look things up these days though. Maybe it’s just my perception, but there are more games that give you more than one way to do things so less my way or the highway need to look up something precisely. Or that could just be the type of games i play.

Niche games like Rimworld, still plenty of written material , same with EU IV.


I enjoy watching other people play games, but I don’t consider that in any way, shape or form a viable substitute for a searchable text document where I can find the solution to a specific problem I am having or just easily follow along in my own play without having to constantly pause and unpause.


I wondered why we hadn’t gotten a PRIMA guide for a few games I really assumed we would have, like Pillars 2 and Pathfinder. Seemed odd to me. I suppose now I know why.


Now that I consider it, I stopped buying game guides pretty much when I stopped buying physical copies of games.


Seconded. Though this is a VERY close second, IMO:




Strategy guides – the goods ones – had one great advantage: They were great for reading in bed. All the more so if they had good artwork, as well.


The Fantasy General guide was even better than the Moo guide.


Ooh! Ooh! I have that one.


It’s amazing isn’t it?!


I don’t remember if they were published by Prima, but I know I bought the strategy guides for both MOO 3 and Compost Outpost well in advance of release of the actual games, which served to get me even more excited about both.



Yeah. I have to look for it.