Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

I’ll check it out this weekend. I really want to get in from the start. Jumping in during the middle of the season just seemed weird to me. Is it raceroom or you haven’t decided yet?

Figured out how to get into the season 7 thread on slack so that’s progress. :)

We decided on Raceroom again, predominantly because the netcode is just so good. It really allows us to bang doors* and not have someone fired off into the sun the way we see in Project Cars, iRacing or even AC.

One driver gets up at three in the morning to join us from South Africa and we don’t have any problems with the physics being weird around his car.

*Several of the cars put forward as possibles for season seven don’t have doors.

I’m cool with that. I’ll have to tweak the VR in Raceroom this weekend. It’s the only game I was still having issues getting it to be steady, but I also was new to VR so I’m sure it will be fine. I saw the leaderboard you have up so I’m going to screw around with that this weekend and see how far off I am. :)

Don’t forget to go to Account > Account Settings and put Racing Dorks in the team name so you show up on our leaderboards. Then we can all be frightened/excited as necessary.

I’ll likely be 3-4 seconds off your pace. At least for a while. I do tend to get competitive, but I take a long time to learn new tracks. I think I’m getting better at it though so we’ll see.

That channel is certainly active lol. Wasn’t expecting that. Should be fun.

Yeah, we get chatty whenever there’s an F1 race on, or whenever we’re in silly season like now.

We didn’t even get to the rule voting yet!

Omg the fr3 car is so much fun. I’m laughing like crazy when it starts bouncing around. 1:09’s so far but I’m still trying to figure out a couple of turns. The one after the second chicane is killing me.

I don’t know if you know this, but if you go into “Leaderboard” mode you can challenge anyone off the leaderboard then in game using the 3 and 4 keys you can turn on/off the challenged ghost and racing line.

The racing line is green, white or red depending on if the driver was on the gas, coasting or on the brake, has upright exclamation marks on the line to show where they hit the brake for the first time and has white lines across the line showing where they changed gear.

It can be useful to learn different ways to approach different corners.

It’s been 3 or 4 years since I’ve fired up RaceRoom. What have you guys purchased? What do you typically drive? Sell me on it!

We’re firmly in bed with Sector 3 so we’ve all pretty much bought everything. There’s even a sale on right now!

Last season we ran the WTCR touring cars, but this year the GT4s are up for consideration, along with the Formula 3 and Formula 4 cars, the KTM XBow RR Cup, the Audi TT, the DTM2020 and the BMW 235i.

The DTMs have DRS and the TT has push-to-pass, but everything else is just sit and drive.

From the list I really like the XBow RR - it’s a road-legal, open wheel, open cockpit car with a motorcycle engine which makes it quite lively to drive, but I find it a lot of fun.

Away from the list I like the P2 prototypes, (don’t start with the Chevy), the BMW M1 and the GTR2s (don’t start with the Caddy).

I didn’t know about the challenge thing. Sweet. I’m only about a second of your current pace on bridge so I’m happy with that start. Running around 1:07.500 now.

Funny you mention that one. At my last visit to Sebring, they were showing off the Rush SR-1, which is an open cockpit single seater with a motorcycle engine.

Only 850 lb with roughly 144 hp if I did my math right, and less than $30k. It looked like a hoot.

I’ll definitely have to give RaceRoom another try. Have they kept the graphics looking good? I’ll be playing a lot of ACC to enjoy my new video card. I also need to figure out what to do about the display. I guess it’s TrackIR or nothing.

I need a XBow RR, an SR-1 and an Ariel Atom please. And a larger garage.

Better yet, for the F3/Raceroom Bridge combo you’re the 12th fastest driver… in the world…

If you can find two tenths you can make the top ten. And bump one of the other Dorks out of 10th, which I would find personally funny.

I enjoyed RaceRoom the few times I tried it back in the day, and I also enjoyed the handful of RaceDepartment-run Automobilista races I ran in. Maybe I’ll try getting back into online driving in 2021…

I think I’ll be in the 1:06’s by tomorrow if I spend a bunch of time today. Have a dentist appointment though. :( I was chasing your ghost and it’s after the second chicane that I’m losing all my time. Everywhere else I’m pretty much even with you. I’m losing about a half second in that area.

It’s funny because I’m terrible with F1 cars. I find the F3 much easier as it doesn’t have the insane wheel spin at slow speeds that the F1 cars have. I do occasionally get the quick snap spins off curbs. Such a fun car.

I can’t decide, should I buy a track in RaceRoom or this steering wheel here?

Given how much the wheels usually cost you could just buy a real life track.

Probably 10% of the way to an SR-1.