Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

I am part of a league over at the Gamers With Jobs site that runs roughly once a month, depending on when we can put the most drivers on track. Our most recent race (event one of Season 7), we had 19 drivers mixing it up.

@Octavious230 is a new member of the league and I think he had fun in event one!

We’re a mostly older, mixed ability group who are looking for good racing without anyone intentionally putting you in the grass and we do things like a reverse grid sprint race each event and “success ballast” to try to keep things competitive and everybody racing, rather than just driving.

Our field spread at any regular circuit is two or three seconds per lap, so pretty much anyone can join and find other drivers at about their speed.

Our game for the past few seasons has been Raceroom Racing Experience, (on Steam), and this season we’re racing the Formula 4 car.

Our next event is at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit (East layout) on Feb 28 at 9 eastern, if you’re interested.

Bummer, that would be 2am on a Sunday here in the UK. Not the best way to start the week.

Understood. We do have one South African driver who gets up at 4am to join us, but he’s totally crazy.

Bummer it’s fun to have something to look forward to even if I cocked up the first week a bit. I probably should focus more on driving with other people and less on being fast. :)

Kunos announced this week that the “British GT Pack” DLC will launch for Assetto Corsa Competizione on February 10th.

The pack will feature a dedicated British GT championship, all the drivers and liveries and then Oulton Park, Snetterton and @tomchick’s favourite circuit, Donington Park.

When it comes to track fidelity at these locations I only have one question and it’s not about the laser scanning. Thankfully, Kunos released an image answering my query…

They remembered Snetterton’s “Scary Tree*.”

*Sadly, the Scary Tree lost its arms in a storm in 2020 because 2020 hated all forms of joy.

Oh man, GamesPlanet used to sell RBR digitally but don’t anymore, sadly. My copy is there. I also just ordered a Quest 2. Which plugins work with RBR?

You need the Fixup.dll and RBR VR mod. You can find detailed instructions here (there are a couple of ini tweaks required).

I couldn’t figure out how to install the fixup dll manually, it wouldn’t register for some reason, so I eventually installed it using RBRCIT. This utility also has the option to install a new physics plugin and a bunch of new cars. Warning - if you do install the physics plugin, make sure to also install new cars. The original cars don’t work with it.

Got it, thank you. It’s amazing that this game is still being modded after all these years.

Juts realised I didn’t post the link to the instructions:

Because I hate having money and hate using cheap stuff I finally bit the bullet and bought the fanatec f1 bundle. It seems like a good deal when you compare it to the Thrustmaster stuff at a similar price.

Hopefully it doesn’t take nine years to ship across the country but we’ll see. Super excited. Just need to resist the urge to rip the wheel off and throw it when things go bad. ;)

I plan on getting the load cell and a circular wheel at some point as well. I’m mostly drive gt3 and formula racing so the f1 wheel should be great for now.

I’m curious what you compared it to on the Thrustmaster side?

Thrustmaster TS-PC. That runs for about the same price depending on the bundle. Everything I’ve seen is that the fanatec stuff is better quality. The Fanatec base is super small which was a big selling point for me.

And most important. The other wheels available later on look amazing. WRC wheel will be what I get for my circular wheel later on. I’ll just wait and hope for a sale.

Load cell is a huge difference. Couldn’t drive without it unless it was to move up to the really fancy hydraulic stuff. Been very happy with my Fanatec stuff which I got ages ago now. I am curious about the direct drive stuff, but the reality for me is that stuff would probably be too noisy. I keep the feedback on my current wheel fairly low so as to not rattle the furniture and wake up the SO, cause I like living IN the house. ;)

Ya I doubt I would ever get into a DD. It’s way too expensive and wouldn’t be practical in my house. The T150 felt like a toy. The new wheel looks a million times better. I saved so much money last year doing nothing that i figured why not? I will probably get the load cell in the not so distant future, but want to try out what I have before I go totally nuts. With tax and shipping the LC upgrade isn’t cheap.

I had a Fanatec set in the Xbox 360 days and wasn’t impressed with the build quality. My broken set is still in my garage.

I started with a T300 PS4 wheel and later went with the full Thrustmaster PC/Xbox set. TS-WX wheel, T-LCM load cell pedals, TSS e-brake, TH8A shifter, and the miniDIN hub for the consoles. It’s been really great with the Next Level Racing DD half cockpit. The force feedback on the TS-WX is really powerful compared to the T300, which was already tough to hold steady on rough roads. I really like the flexibility to go between the PC and Xbox too since I play on both.

Maybe it’s just the pandemic but the TS-PS is like 700 bucks without pedals. I have pedals already but 700 seemed really steep to have plastic connections. I should get my set early next week. Originally it said Saturday but now it’s Monday. Would have been nice with the long weekend but oh well.

If the Thrustmaster was cheaper I probably would have considered it. I’m a sucker for shiney stuff though and fanatec has that in spades. ;)

Yeah, that’s inflated. I paid $500 for my wheel in 2019 I think it was.

Figured. Also the TS-PC doesn’t work on the playstation. This one will work with both and I love me some gt sport. :)

A sale on on Raceroom right now… 50% off selected items and 30% off everything else.