Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


The least I could do given that you told me that SPACE works for ENTER on those confirmation screens. :)



I did not need that blast from the past


Oldschool, homie.


This just squeaked past 70% on Game Rankings. I’m definitely in but I’ll wait for a nice sale.


I was trying to get the achievement for the race using mouse and keyboard, and just couldn’t get it (quickest lap was 1:31.7 and quickest race was 3:06). Switched to the controller and got it in a couple tries. Not a big deal outside the race for the achievement, but it is noticeable.

Also, the helicopter is a great way to get around.


Lotta “crusty socks” out there in the wasteland.


And Denuvo is gone, since it was cracked in like a day or whatever. No doubt money well spent on that DRM.


Wasn’t cracked though, Bethesda released the game on their own store without any DRM infecting the title so Codex just released that version (with one-time online activation custom check removed) instead of cracking the Steam version. So there are still scene points up for grabs for whomever does the Steam version (well… pre-patch anyway).

At least having both the steam and non-steam executable they should be able to compare pretty much 1:1.

Silly of them to use it to begin with, but kudos for using it. Wonder how cheap the Denuvo license is if they can ‘throw it about’ like that.

Heard some rumours the Console version didn’t run very nicely? I recall Just Cause 3 ran so terrible on my PS4 I couldn’t even bother playing it, even if it came with PSN.


Community challenges announced:


I can’t wait to show my new weapon skins off to jealous scrubs I’m teamed with in co-op.


Tom streamed some RAGE 2 the other night.



The Top Sellers list on Steam has Rage at #6… but it also appears at number #46. Weird.


My only complaint about this game is how difficult it is to melee-open a box in one hit, even when seems like I’m right on top of the damn thing.

Other than that the game seems fine. Everything but the combat/shooting (which is fun, especially in arena events) should have been scrapped (talking, npcs, cut scenes, wide open spaces, shops), and the entire currency & upgrade systems should have been completely redone, but none of it outright ruins the game for me. It’s all bad, but not upsetting.


Not being able to buy a Steam key at any of my favorite online stores is keeping me from buying it at release.

I don’t want a Bethesda key, even at 20% off from GMG. If it was a key for Steam, I’d be all over that deal.

My only complaint about this game is how difficult it is to melee-open a box in one hit, even when seems like I’m right on top of the damn thing.

I’ve seen most people who stream this with the same complaint, just shoot boxes.


I wonder if some of this is patchable. Maybe event spawns or enemy vehicle aggressiveness are easy tweaks for the open world. Seems like the crate hitbox should be.


You would think so. Lets see what the first patch will look like, I hope they know if they get the few complaints fixed up, they have a decent game here. And that it can have a long tail in terms of sales up through all the planned DLC into winter.


I just want to be a part of the thread where we finally have a multiplatform game brazen enough to use the ctrl key to mimic holding down some gamepad button.

I’ve been rolling my eyes at button-based interfaces since the modern console port era, but this seems like new territory in lazy PC UI design.


Right, this seems like it should be the nadir. But you never know!


Quick random impressions:

I really dig the dungeon lighting. It’s got a strong Unreal 1 vibe that pushes all the right buttons for me.

I love shattering enemy armor and hearing/watching the pieces fly off. I melee a ton, and it’s just great punching helmets off etc.

Enemy animations and variety of attack moves are cool (wall running, batting grenades, leap attacks, etc).

The Wingstick thing is 100x more fun to upgrade and use than in Rage 1.

Not sure how I feel about seeing bad guys through walls (with Focus) in a first person shooter. I guess I could just not use it, but more likely to just keep abusing it.

Lots of audio bugs and crashes on my Xbox One X. Especially in derbies and certain other car races, the music will fade out and then I’m just stuck listening to an engine noise which persists whether I save the game and exit to the main menu or whatever else. And there’s been a few lockups here and there.

I’m not a fan of the way the save system works through its checkpoints, even if I force to save it will not save my weapon and suit upgrades unless I pass another checkpoint with them. I can’t just apply the upgrades and then save right there if I’m in the middle of a certain type of Arena event. It makes it so that if I’m about to fight a boss and I’m able to apply some upgrades here and there or respec my weapon specializations, then I’ll have to do this every single time I reload a save if I die or something. That’s too fiddly for me.

This game has some fantastic looking scenery, and in my opinion it’s got the best looking toxic water pits I’ve ever seen in a game. There’s some rusty blood colored sewage water people are sifting through in certain parts of the game that just looks absolutely rancid and terrible to touch or be anywhere near. It’s totally gross and fantastic.

The running slide seems really clunky, but I haven’t upgraded it yet so maybe it gets a lot better after I have.