Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Played it at a friend’s house and I was actually rather entertained by it. Wish it would have much better presentation, though, and better boat controls.

This is a joke thread, right? Surely you didn’t actually play a bass fishing game.


Is this the one with the fishing pole peripheral?

I prefer Bass Hero myself.

Where can I find Tom’s archive of reviews and hands-on journals for fishing games?

I loved the fishing in Dark Cloud 2. I used to keep a written list of what I’d caught where, when I caught it, and what bait I used. All other fishing games since then – World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Neir – are but a pale shadow.


I seriously considered buying this when it first came out. I thought a fishing sim might be relaxing. But the Youtube videos I watched looked far too exciting.

I actually did consider it, because it includes a couple of lakes I’m familiar with.

It is indeed! Many techniques of fishing were learned.
I’m mostly disappointed that there weren’t that many customization options for your fisherman, and the unlocks in that field were stingy. There should be at least as many options as in Tiger Woods!

I’m expecting some DLC for Kinect that allows players to tie their own fishing lures.

I’ll see if my friend took video/photos. It was quite addictive, just wish it had better bling.