Rare finds at E3

From the press release:

Highly Anticipated Xbox Games Make Rare Appearance at E3
“Grabbed by the Ghoulies”," Conker: Live and Uncut" and “Kameo™: Elements of Power” debut at Xbox Booth

The wait is over! Microsoft Games Studios™ today unveiled the first three Xbox® games in development by Rare, Ltd., the UK-based development company. “Grabbed by the Ghoulies,” “Kameo™: Elements of Power” and Xbox Live-enabled “Conker: Live and Uncut” are expected to draw an eager crowd to the Xbox booth. Attendees will finally be able to see and play the Xbox games that have spurred so much anticipation since the September 2002 acquisition was announced at Microsoft’s X02 event in Seville, Spain.

The first Rare game expected to appear on Xbox is “Grabbed by the Ghoulies,” a humorous beat-'em-up action/adventure game that takes place in a haunted house full of crazed dirty fighting ghoulies. Gamers play the role of Cooper, a kid on a mission to rescue his girlfriend, who has been “grabbed by the ghoulies.” Players will venture through the haunted and ominous Ghoulhaven Hall, battling it out with a variety of monsters while trying to escape the many tricks, traps and shocks awaiting them along the way. Packed with action, “Grabbed by the Ghoulies” is filled with unexpected surprises, and all who fail to get through Ghoulhaven Hall are imprisoned within and never seen again.

“Conker: Live and Uncut” is an all-new Xbox Live™-enabled team-based shooter that features the irreverent world of Conker, a cartoon rodent with a penchant for booze, wild women and lewd conduct. Gamers will experience a wide variety of customizable multiplayer scenarios, each with its own objectives, rules, environment and back story that provide hilarious gameplay and wacky entertainment. Also included is the original, critically acclaimed single-player game, “Conker’s Bad Fur Day,” with never-before-seen, uncensored content and completely revamped, only-on-Xbox graphics and sound.

Rare fans will also enjoy “Kameo: Elements of Power,” an action/adventure game packed with combat and exploration set in a magnificent Kingdom of monsters and magic. Players assume the role of Kameo, who is on a mission to rescue her three Elemental Ancestors from the Dark Troll King who threatens the planet and its wildlife. Kameo and her “dragon-with-an attitude” sidekick Meepo, must capture, grow and command monsters whose powers she can use to safely explore the vast Kingdom and ultimately unleash to combat the evil that threatens the planet and its population of monsters.

awesome. do we get free beer from MS like nintendo had at conkers old e3 ‘tree’?

I have a suspicion that ‘Grabbed by the Ghoulies’ will have a new title before release…

(Apologies if this is patronising and/or widely known, but ‘goolies’ is good old British slang for the testes)

I think that’s why they chose the name. Rare is British and they like stabbing at people’s sensibilities - witness Conker.