Ratchet and Clank

Well, I’ve been playing it for a couple of days, and since no one’s been talking about it, might as well give my opinions:

One, damn pretty. Not Xbox at its best pretty, but could still give Blinx a run for its money, especially in the style category. Realistic lighting, realistic shadows, lots of very nice eye candy. Every level pretty much has spaceships or robots or something flying all around it. Not as stylish as Sly, but it has its own look and feel.

There are still levels :( but they are huge. There are always several things to do, and travel between levels is possible, and sometimes required, so you get to do a nice variety of things. Gameplay is pretty standard, with the only great difference being the amount of toys you get as you go on.

The amount of weapons and tools is rather impressive. Most have a good use, like the hookshot, which allows for some nifty bionic commander like moves. Most of the gameplay is nothing new, with the standard running, jumping hitting and shooting that accompanies most games in the genre.

The only main problem that I see is one of the mainstays of the game, namely collecting all sorts of widgets, has been replaced with getting large sums of bolts, the currency of the game. Normally, this isn’t bad, as most enemies give around 10-15 bolts, and a weapon might cost in the 2500 range. The current weapon I’m after, however, costs 150000 :shock: .

Overall, if you want a nice platformer after finishing Sly Racoonis in a couple of days, this wouldn’t be a bad choice.