Reach for the stars in Paper Galaxy

Title Reach for the stars in Paper Galaxy
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When January 10, 2013

I'm pretty sure I know what "follow the cosmic butterfly" means. It involves a certain kind of mushrooms. Veiled drug references aside, Paper Galaxy is a perfectly kid-safe iOS game. But it's also as adult-safe as any well-made bit of casual frippery..

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Mr. Chick, how do you go about selecting which iOS games to review? You seem like a strategy/board game fan, so I understand when you cover similar iOS games. But how do you choose seemingly random games like Paper Galaxy?

"It involves a certain kind of [mushroom]."
"where you try to reach a new [height]."
"It’s worth noting [that] Paper Galaxy was made"
"in front of a cute [diversion] like this."

One of the guys at Liquid actually approached me. I liked the game, and particularly the upgrade system, so I figured it was worth passing on a recommendation.

As usual, you rock for pointing out corrections. I love it when people do that. However, the "that" is optional, right? I try to avoid superfluous thats whenever possible.

I wondered about the "that" correction too. I used this site as a reference:

At first, I thought the second example from the above site applied to your article, but now I'm not so sure.

Heeey, someone else who appreciated Rise of the Argonauts. I mean, it was certainly rough edged, but it was a lot better than its precipitous slide into the bargain bin would suggest.

Honestly, God of War isn't what I'd reference, though. It really feels like it wants to be a classic mythology version of Mass Effect.