Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread

Yes, and it says the following for the full pvp version:

  • Enjoy the full PvP multiplayer experience in Ranked, Unranked and AI matches

Which makes me think you can do skirmish in this version, and are just missing the campaigns?

And I see that @lordkosc has a nice pic showing that :)

100% right. But… I liked the campaign.
But, if you aren’t a fan of RPGs, its probably in your interest to skip the campaign.

I might try the pvp edition first, and if I really enjoy it spring for the campaigns.

We should make time for a comp stomp! Sadly, I only get federal holidays off until my training is done in July, but I’m sure I can make myself available!

I wonder if we can get @Otagan or @Otthegreat interested.

Seems like the pvp edition, or Fallen God has really kicked up interest. In addition to Artosis, Nakamura RTS has been streaming it quite a bit.

So I’ve got all three games installed, and when I go to a skirmish game with the AI, I can select Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Trolls.

That’s what made me think it might be of greater interest… but, who knows if that can hold people’s attention. Will it be Heroes of the Storm, or will it be Age of Empires 2?

Will you be playing as Dwarves , which in any game is always the best choice? :)

That is my plan when I get it :)

I wanna finish this Troll campaign. Really digging the writing.

Also I guess we should start using the Spellforce 3 thread.

It’s an option, true. If there is a lot more to talk about.

This is vibe I get from that chart…

Seeing all the mentions of peak SC2 and opinions, thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

To me, SC2 was way less interesting than Brood War because they shifted all the mirco away from units and towards the economy. Sure you COULD utilize good micro for your armies, but it didn’t make as big an impact as BW and it was a way better attention-investment to focus on microing your economy and having a food advantage. Terran MULEs, Protoss warp boosts, Zerg larvae injecting. All stuff that was very uninteresting to me and I never saw why they couldn’t have auto-cast options for it.

Well, I do. The grognard fans kept complaining that it would dumb the game down and require less skill. I never saw “skill” in timing larvae injections. I just saw it as an annoying “APM tax” you had to constantly be paying. The same people made the same argument against including an in-game clock because it would require less “skill” in timing. That’s obviously nonsense, and I thought it was just as nonsense to never have automation options for all the economy stuff.


More lamenting how it doesn’t seem things have advanced much here in ten years. :(

Certainly compared to other genres.

Now Rise of Legends won’t event start for me. I fired it up a couple weeks ago when there was the thread about favorite rts. Now it complains that msxml 4.0 is not installed.

Just get the free version, and you are all set!

Well, not really, but you get a free version, so there is that.

Sorry for the derail (and if this was already answered elsewhere), but what training will you be doing for the next 8 months (and however long it’s been already)?

I was hired back in June to be a Disability Claims Specialist for Social Security Administration. And until July, I’ve been going to classes for 8 hours a day to be a Claims Specialist. Which is just about as exciting as you might think.

I’m learning about waiting requirements, how monthly income is calculated, what counts as an Auxialary, and the different rules for different types of auxiliaries, how to use the systems and reports. How to complete the reports. The different levels of appeal and so forth and so on. I assume that it will be a little more straightforward then the classes, since I doubt I will deal too much with things Federal Employee’s disability claims, whose salary prior to 1984 counts for medicare, but not for Disability payments (because Social Security wasn’t taken out for them before 1984).

In any case, it’s my foot in the door, but during the training, I can not use any of my leave, except for emergencies and the like.

The upside/downside is that everything is remote during Covid-19, which makes the classes harder (everything is done through powerpoint meetings on skype or reading) but at least I won’t have to deal with commute to the office for a while.

Repairing the msxml 4.0 install got past this, but the animation still feels off. I thought maybe it was because I’d turned off vsync, but switching that back on doesn’t change. It has possibly always felt like this since I never played it when it first came out. Time for some skirmish games.