Real-Time Strategy all purpose discussion thread


I even loved it at first, until I played it multiplayer with a friend who is really good at RTS games and can click and give orders way faster than me. Aha! I thought, here’s a game in which he won’t have an advantage because it’s not about clicking on stuff fast.

No, it’s still about clicking on stuff fast. He kicked my ass so completely because he could do so much more than I could in the same amount of time.

I have the Kohan series in my library so I’ll be sure to check it out someday. In the meantime, I’m still sticking with WB3 since I found a way to defeat that overpowered boss. I didn’t realize that one of my builders could build garrison towers which have a fairly powerful lightning based attack by default so I surrounded mine enemy and built about five towers and just let them chip away at that shaman lizard bitch’s own garrison towers. It took a while but I did beat it. But the reason I didn’t think my builder could build garrison towers was because it’s a Will-o’-the-wisp. Who woulda thunk a Will-o’-the-wisp could build garrison towers? This is one of those games that has some depth (along with the ridiculousness) so if you dig deep enough you can probably find the way out of your predicament.

RPS? Rock Paper Scissors?

Ooops. :D

Anyone play this?

Noice! Another TA-successor!

But it’s still in Alpha+. Whatever that means.

Never played BAR because I’m scared off by the ward “Alpha” but I do have Zero-K in my Steam library. Hey, as Joni Mitchell once titled a song: “real good for free.”

Zero-K is crazy but it might have too many unit production buildings.

They all seem to be open source projects developed off the spring engine. I’m not sure if at some point there was a common ancestor for Zero-K and BAR (plus the others that exist), but they are somewhat similar from what I remember. I never played TA back in the olden days, so I don’t know how close they are to that. There are videos of people playing on youtube that will probably give a decent idea of what it is like.

Their common ancestry is Total Annihilation without a figment of a doubt. I have played Zero-K a little. The Big Bertha artillery canon is in it wholesale.

Watching pro players play this (the game’s going through a bit of a Renaissance), I don’t think this is very true. There might be a bit of a speed advantage, but it’s fairly minor - there just isn’t that much to click on in Kohan. It really is an RTS for the thinking person. That doesn’t mean you don’t need any speed, just that the ceiling is very low speed-wise. Most importantly, you don’t need to jump around from view to view just to be competitive. To me, this is the least appealing part of RTS games. The same is true for Tooth and Tail, which brilliantly constrains APM. I’d love to hear of similar RTS games, because I’m just not interested in games dominated by speed.

For Minecraft-style graphics, it had better have strategic zoom like SupCom.