Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Yeah, this was covered extensively in the EPIC thread - it’s super dumb. In a lucky accident for me, I had signed up ages and ages ago to play the amazing Shadow Complex, which was kind of cool to remember I owned when I signed in to buy Metro.

Thankfully they do support two-factor authentication once you do get an account set up, which I highly recommend, as always.

Urge to make snide remark about the dismissals of legitimate complaints rising…

But… you literally clipped out my comment about how it was super dumb…?

Sorry, poorly directed. Not accusing you.

But we all know there are several people who were actively ignoring/ dismissing legitimate issues and conflating not supporting the EGS with a host of things.

But rereading that I see how you felt that was directed at you, when I absolutely did not have you in mind. My apologies good sir! That was entirely on me not properly considering phrasing.

Oh, okay, good - no worries. I was just like “WTF?”

Don’t make me cry so close to the end of the work day, man.

Can anyone tell me what the kb/m controls for pool are?

I would assume so, given that Runic was a subsidiary of Flagship Studios and they know each other.

So no one’s gonna talk about the elephant in the room? The big scandal with this game?

Star-Venger using Asteroids graphics with Space Invaders sound LOL. Slick play there Travis :)

It’s no Astro Chicken!

Hold RMB and drag to turn. I think that’s what you’re looking for.

That would be it. Thanks. And thanks for a great game!

The cockpit of the garbage scow blows the elite dangerous pits out of the water. So much more style. Love it!

Sloggin’ my way towards the good looking boat, the 100K one.

Anyone know where the .exe is at so I can add this as a non-Steam game?

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Sub-Folder where-ever you let it install to.

Add -EpicPortal to cmdline to skip launcher opening.

Can anyone enlighten me on how to “lock nearest hostile” with the Xbox One gamepad? Hold down left bumper and ?

LB and up on the dpad.

I was guessing that was intentional. But the non-antialiased text makes reading a bit hard. Hopefully I’ll not notice it after some time.

I think this is it! The bloom seem applied to the cockpit as well.



With the bloom off, the transparent things INSIDE the cockpit (very noticeable in the lower right) is removed and makes the “hazy” effect goes away.

Looks like a great game! The cartoon intro sequence is really nice. Cant wait to find a time slot to sink in the time! Grats on the launch.

@tbaldree can you tell me what aim assist actually does? I’ve done a few scouting missions so far and just get blown into bits by hostiles there. I can sometimes escape if I hit my afterburner. Does the enemy AI/level increase on higher difficulties?

Aim assist is a mild gimballing of the weapons to increase accuracy.
Autopursuit is for holding and tracking targets.

If you want to get away - you can actually talk your way out.
If on gamepad - back button and choose comms options, or C for m/kb.
Doesn’t always work, but you get a fresh ‘chance’ with every enemy you try it with

If you just want to run, go to radial menu and boost power to engines and hightail it.