Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

What the hell is a chatpad?

You know, like the Xbox 360 had. It connected to the controller and allowed you to type away on a very small QWERTY keyboard.

Ohhhhh. Why would you need that in RGO?

I was half-kidding for someone earlier up-thread who complained gamepad didn’t have enough buttons to bind to.

I would love a couple more buttons for RGO myself, yeah.

To type rude and odious things about another pilot’s mother.

Is it wrong that I like the Durston? I liked the Sandhawk too but I’m a lot less frustrated with the Durston when there’s all this great loot floating around after a battle just waiting to be picked up.

Do the screenshot keys F3 and F4 just not seem to work for anyone else? I don’t hear a sound, nor does anything show up in the the C:\Users(myname)\Documents\my games\double damage games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\screenshots directory on my SSD. I gather they’re supposed to end up there (and are the photos from photo mode there as well)?

Also, how does the “take video” function work from the radial menu? I invoke it, and see a 5 second countdown, which I assume is the maximum length of video clips, but again, nothing shows up in C:\Users(myname)\Documents\my games\double damage games\RebelGalaxyOutlaw\videos

I have lived in the Durston, until I could get the Beluga. It’s hard to give up that cargo space and turrets for the sleeker craft options.

Ugh, I think I’ve figured something out: since my Windows user ID has my name (José) in it, the game is failing to save screenshots, photos etc.

I’ve run into this kind of thing with a couple of other games and apps. I think I’m just going to have to migrate my whole user account to another folder. What a PITA.

Another minor annoyance…

If you’re chasing a bounty, and they decide they want to flee - they’re gone. Doesn’t matter if you’re right on their ass pumping them full of auto-cannons and missiles, and they’re about to blow. All of a sudden, some super-secret hyperdrive kicks in, and they’re all of a sudden 20+ clicks away. They never do that when you chase them down again, but it does mean you can target them first to kill them before they take off. If it’s a mission they’re ‘scripted’ to flee like a coward, there’s nothing you can do.


Still a great game. But that’s annoying.

Yes that’s exactly it. If they start to flee, immediately try to radio the other pirates to turn them friendly, then fly to the next stop.

I agree it would be better if you could catch them, but this script is strict.

God no, the Durston is wonderful. The Beluga is even better. The Beluga has become my favorite ship in any space game, dethroning the Dragon from Wing Commander 4.

Some Redditors in the RG subreddit say some missions like the swarm one someone had difficulty finishing bugged when you get out of range of where all the action is.

Wuh? .

Yup. Anna Marie from DD Games on their Discord says the issue affected music folders before but they fixed it. Hope they can fix it for this.

The pain of accented names…

Yes, because the name “José” in the present-day US is the height of exoticism! :rolleyes:

But at least I can play this one, which is more than I can say for Burnout Paradise Remastered, or the old System Shock version available on Steam.

Funny you should say that. Someone did a Crimson Skies skin for the game :)

I can’t believe the turds at EA turned down your xwing game idea with this engine. What morons.