Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Hey that wasn’t directed at you @RichVR, sorry. :) You’re awesome.

Lol, IGN has it listed on their pranks page

The internet might explode when they discover this isn’t a joke…

Oh, sorry then. My bad. {{{hugs}}}

Well, it IS a joke - but it’s in the approximate direction of the truth. Sort of?

As in a WC Privateer game in spirit, if not in name?

Basically. It was trivial for me to take this footage.

There’s no way EA would sell the license (or CR would own it).

And we have no interest in just doing work-for-hire to resuscitate it for EA, if they’d even go for that, because that leaves us nowhere with nothing and a lot of shackles to even do it. (They might bite! But I don’t know)

So, you know - we’ve certainly done the legwork to capture the spirit of it and do our own thing incorporating that experience.

Works for me. Appreciate the explanation.

Trust me though, if there was any way that didn’t amount to financial suicide for us to give everybody a straight-up Privateer remake, I’d do it in a hot minute, and it wouldn’t even be that hard.

You do you man. You have the chops. Looking forward to… whatever you make. Money in hand. :)

I need to stop falling for April Fool’s day jokes. Oh, well.



It’s saturday. Felt like posting some screens. Cause I can!

Oh my, you just wait until @BrianRubin sees this!

Seriously, looks awesome.

EDIT: also, photo mode? IN.

Oh my holy fuck I want to go to there

I can’t even begin to say how AWESOME that looks. Wow.

Wait why are people hyped for Star Citizen? THE FUTURE OF SPACE GAMES IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS THREAD

Very sexy landing sequence.

Those look amazing!