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That looks so hawt. I’m looking at that screenshot wondering how many of the cockpit elements are meaningful and how many are just atmosphere. For instance, the wireframe bits on the asteroid. Are those significant or just decoration? What about that “power bar” in the center left? Is that measuring something or is it just dressing? Can I click my mouse on things in the cockpit? Or are there hotkeys? Or both? Also, that’s going on with the HUD? There seem to be some targeting elements around the reticle. I see the letters for “dock something-or-other” in reverse. What is that? Is the name of Nacogooches stamped on the asteroid to the left?

Anyway, nice spacepr0n! So glad to see this is the next step after Rebel Galaxy, presumably building on the awesome work done in that game.



I can’t make out the dock something, but the lettering on the left looks like ‘Nacogdoches Station.’ So it appears to be a space station, owned or operated by Nacogdoches Mining.

(My sister went to Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX; that’s how I know how to spell it)


The fuel and power bars, radar (natch)m Auto/Jump etc. are all functional. The MFD is multifunction. There are dynamic elements around the reticle for various purposes. The wireframe bits on the asteroid on the MFD are decorative, unless you are talking about the shield bars, or I am misunderstanding what you are talking about.

The MFD look though is custom to this specific ship, so none of the others are laid out or function precisely the same way (as you can see in the animated gif). The color ghosting and wiggliness of them are because these are all basically CRTs. If it looks like it is supposed to do something it probably does something. The little square buttons scattered around don’t have a physical purpose except to look cool. Although you can see your hands reach out and mess with stuff sometimes.

Mouse control is not point-and-click style when in flight, so you don’t click on the physical buttons.

Yes, the letters painted on the station are Nacogdoches (the name of this specific station) and it says Cargo Dock there as well. I was born in Nacogdoches. ;)


Well, I’m kinda hoping its a sandbox I’m looking at, it seems the more obvious route to take for you guys anyway. I don’t mind a good story driven stuff, but the best has always had a more sandbox feel to them, with lots to discover.


Did she study bionics? (ba-dump … pish!)


Will the PS4 Pro version have anything special going on? Higher frame rate maybe?


I’ve had my free ps+ copy sitting around for awhile and I gave it a brief run this weekend. It was quite a rough start. The starter quest to pick up whisky for the bar guy dropped me into a dual ship encounter that melted me, but when I restarted, there was nothing there but unarmed boxes to shoot. I then tried an “easy” quest to hunt down a bounty guy, and it was just some fighters that mauled me.

I have the starter ship, with starter gear, plus the beta scatter turret and deflectors that were suggested. It’s the very beginning. I must be doing it wrong or the difficulty is just too random.


The first several missions are scripted to be easily winnable. The problem is you live in a dynamic universe with random encounters and it sounds like you rolled snake eyes on the random encounters. AFAIK the first mission is just showing up & doing a simple trade with a ship, the 2nd is blowing up some boxes. Once you get shields then you can start the pew-pew. Otherwise run.

Once you’ve played a bit, I’d recommend reading my guide for some nice tips. They aren’t beginner tips (there are also guides for those), but it will help a lot with some of the UI and good tips for making some nice cash.


The game IS randomized. The first two story missions get you some gear (notably a deflector and tractor beam).
The first story mission should be completeable without firing a shot - but you might have run into unrelated ships.
The second story mission involves blowing up some crates for target practice, followed by combat with some fairly easy craft.

My guess is you ran into some non-story ships. Early in the game, running is a very viable option.
The ship names will be in gold if they are story related. If they aren’t, you know they aren’t associated with your mission.


I dunno at this point. Don’t have a PS Pro dev kit yet!


You need your onboard computer AI to say “We cannot handle this situation, get out of here fast!” to help newcomers.


Actually, it DOES give you a verbal threat level warning. And I believe a tip pops up about running.


Darn, I just outed myself for not having played Rebel Galaxy for too many months. I shall fix this oversight soon!


Rebel Galaxy was one of those games where I think they really thought of everything to give players tips while they are playing. I remember one time I was just going everywhere, doing whatever and having a blast and a pop-up came up saying something along the line of “you haven’t saved for a while, you should visit a station to save your progress” and I was like, wow that was a very timely reminder.

The problem with the tips are they only come up a few times and it’s easy when you’re first starting out to forget a few of them and then later on you start thinking:

“man I wish there was an easy way to see a map of the system” (press SHIFT).
“man i wish I could scan that ship to see if it’s worth engaging” (press TAB)
“that militia is always on me about my contraband, how do I get rid of that crap?” (press ESC)

Is there a way to re-read all the tips you’ve been given?

Oh - best tip for starting out, hire a wingman from the bar ASAP. They are wonderful early game. Prioritize this over upgrading your weapons (but after shields and afterburner).


No way to reread all the tips - they’re all context sensitive anyway. You can re-view tutorials.
However you CAN reference all the controls from the control remapping area, which will show you hotkeys for anything else.


Thanks all. It was giving me warnings about threat orange or red, but I assumed that was just what a combat encounter meant as the missions were literally the first few. I have now realized that random world encounters can really mess those up.

I now have a bit better shield, a flak cannon, and a yellow stripe painted on my ship. Not sure how flak cannons work, but I can run.


You can just hold down the flak cannon button and any fighters that come in range of the flak will take heavy damage. It’s only useful against fighters. Actually, it will detonate incoming missiles as well.

My fave is HS missile secondaries.


I wound up playing the last half of the game using EMP flak. Being able to disable all fighters was a real nice way to get the job done. The lack of missile knock out was the only downside.

It also took me a few hours to realize that the secondary weapons you had to hold down for continuous fire, not send discrete shots.

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