Rebel Galaxy


Hey! No doxxing!


Thank goodness. Developers that come up for air make better games.


I wonder if Star Citizen will sell JPGs of those.


Mp3 files.


Only $100 for the basic version. However, if you want the true Star Citizen experience, $1000 will get you a space cricket carrier.


@tbaldree, is it true that there’s a mechanic in the game where you can never completely repair ship components and they continually degrade, forcing you to replace them once they degrade to the point they can no longer be repaired? That sounds like it could be annoying. If it’s true, how fast do they degrade? Is this intended to be a money sink for the game?


They degrade based on damage. They have a fragility that increases the more times you have to repair them.
If the components never receive damage, they do not degrade (i.e. they don’t degrade with use).
It’s pretty slow, and it’s not a frequent occurrence - it’s not so much intended as a money sink, as to provide those occasional moments where you get into a hairy firefight and one of your guns blows off and you make it out by the skin of your teeth. The repairs are the money sink. The destruction is for ‘oh shit’ moments.


I should also say that every time you repair them, regardless of their current fragility, they operate at 100% efficiency - they don’t work crappier the more times they’ve been repaired.


Ah, okay, that’s doesn’t sound too bad. I assume there’s a way to see how degraded they are so if you’re worried about one breaking in your next fight, you can see that and replace it?


There isn’t really a way to see honestly, but that’s just because it hasn’t felt like it was needed. It’s mostly just for the general vibe of ‘boy I’m in lots of nasty fights and getting the crap kicked out of me a lot, and sometimes stuff just goes south because I play edgy’. A conservative player would rarely ever have it happen - it’s not something I want people to obsess over. It’s just a tool for providing a certain kind of combat moment on my end.


It would be kind of cool to get a general sense of it from a visual inspection of your ship at the dock. Pilots always like to inspect their planes before they fly just for that reason. If something looks like it might be banged up, might want to have a mechanic look at it before you take off. That said, while pretty cool, I’d think that would be resource intensive to add something like that (a visual appearance of damage on degraded components).


Well, if damage is shown on components, it could perhaps leave a visual “scar” of some kind when the component is repaired.


Mostly it’d just be real hard to SEE - tough to get close enough for it to read in any reasonable way, especially when some of the guns get mounted inside housings. Anyhoo. :)


Perhaps sell him a $250 ultrasonic inspection package; play the minigame of inspecting every single square inch of spacecraft structure for hairline fractures :P


Crossposting from the Epic Games Store thread:

So I am guessing a lot of us will be using the Epic Games Store for the first time next year!


It was great to see Outlaw on the game awards last night. It was neat seeing a space sim on the big TV.


Not me. I’m not buying anything from Epic so I guess Travis just lost a sale. If it ever comes to GOG or Steam, then I’ll get it.


It’ll eventually come to other spots. (well, and consoles aren’t tied up in this)


You make it sound like they’re free of this horrific fate that’s befallen the PC version!

What’s the DRM status of games on the Epic store? I mean, some people don’t like Steam because the game is often tied to the Steam platform, although some games are still DRM free and only use Steam for distribution. Can you tell us how the Epic store will handle RGO? (or is that super top sekrit?)

If it’s DRM free and the store is only for distribution then I might consider it, but I must admit I’m not enthused about having to deal with another game portal app that’s required just to play the game.


Sure don’t mean to make it sound horrific - just want it to be clear it’s separate :)

Epic store has no storewide DRM. I downloaded Ashen, uninstalled the store as a test, and am playing Ashen. As long as you’re not talking online services/exploit prevention (which I imagine will require the launcher running for those services), or whatever, it’s much closer to GoG.