Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Man, just ditch the old girl and get with the times: new Il-2, now in gorgeous VR, tho not bad at all on a screen either. It’s just like old il2 except with new tech. Il-2 2 so to say ;-)

In other news, I just bought me a 2nd hand Warthog HOTAS. What a machine! My flying precision tripled.


Yeah the new IL-2 Moscow/Stalingrad thingies are truly excellent.


i also got muscle pain from shooting messers for an hour. that stick is a fucking workout man! my right shoulder is going to get huge lol.


IF you’re still interested (and it is an interesting, unique thing), you can now get it in this bundle.


I love the shite that gets call a “sim” these days.


I saw this was just released a couple of weeks ago - anyone played it? From what I’ve read it is more of an arcade game than a sim - which is disappointing as I would really love to fly an accurate sim that models Zeros and P-40s.


Remove the name from the URL please.


Thanks, Brian. Wow, if I buy that bundle, it’s ONLY for the Soviet Monsters game. Who develops this stuff?


I played a lot of the beta. It is definitely more of an arcade game than a sim. I didn’t really care for the flying but as I dogged through the missions I found myself enjoying some of the historical missions. They cover some interesting parts of the war I wasn’t familiar with like involvement of the Indian pilots. It covers more than just the Flying Tigers. Mouse and keyboard flying wasn’t great though, and at least when I played I just kept wishing for War Thunder.

Edit: haven’t played it in months. Maybe they completely overhauled the flying, but I doubt it.


Very fun game!


Combat Air Patrol 2 is coming together very nicely… Looks amazing with the photoscenery.


I just saw that too. Getting a nice vibe from this one.


So I was actually just listening to Brian’s podcast and I had no idea that EF2000 had been remastered! My mouth is almost literally watering to replay that… I know that and F-22 TAW have modernized, cleaned up, souped up fan-modded editions… are there any other good flight/space sims other than those and FS2 that have had that treatment?


Hey, it’s not remastered as such, someone just made an amazing utility to make it run well. Sorry if I misled.


No I get what it is, a Dosbox glide wrapper… I just wanted to know if there are any other games out there like the ones I mentioned with packages that keep them up to date and playable on modern computers.


Oh okay. Whew. As for your question, I’ve found a few games that have had fans make patches for them, like Klingon Academy or Missionforce Cyberstorm. Not sure about flight sims though. This is a great site to start at I think


The DCS Hornet was first shown at E3, and now the obligatory intro/familiarization video series is starting. Early access in the relatively near future, I would think.

They’re also starting on the conversion of the Caucasus map to DCS 2.0 format, which is critical, long-disregarded work required to unify DCS 1.5 (Caucasus) and DCS 2.x (Nevada, Normandy). Hopefully that goes quickly.


God I hope they are further along with that than they are with the ww2 stuff.



You’re not wrong!