Recent air combat sim recommendations?

That’s why I was considering the move. There’s a bunch of campaigns over on DCS that sound good, but aren’t on Steam.

BTW, are you flying on Friday again? If so, what do you plan to do?

They’ll be on steam real soon.

In fact, I am about to go live with my server. Hop on in! It’s going to be shoostypewpew with the toys. Just horsing around and whatever comes to mind. No mission or milsim hardcore doings. Just boys and toys.

How do you communicate there?

Discord, go have a look in the post at the mudspike (the link in the above post of mine)

Trying to get my headphones/mic to work. Never hooked them up before.

That was a riot! @jpinard is somehow the cause of that big black pillar of smoke. Either by wrecking his own or someone elses’. Went from harmless to pretty dangerous in the space of an hour or two. Good job Jeff!

Was Jeff flying a Jeff?

I’m sure that was a cratering hole left by my jet with me still strapped in cause I kept forgetting to take the safety off my ejection seat lol.

In users/you/saved games/dcs/screenshot you may find some photographic evidence ;)

Here’s a @schurem and I in loose formation:

If I have both the Steam and non-Steam version of DCS running, will it get confused if they’re both using the same directory tree for save and config locations?

Yeah that might be confusing, but only if you want them to use different configurations.

Which helicopter is the easiest to learn, fly, and use its weapons?

They are all utterly insane. But if you must choose one, get the Huey.

Well that’s good cause I already have it lol. Must have gotten it years ago. I transferred everything to stand-alone DCS and am downloading all the modules.

Where do I go again to get updated textures for aircraft and ground units? The user-files section of the DCS website? Or somewhere else?

user files indeed. Use JGSME (google it) to add or remove mods, and textures should go in /user/you/saved games/dcs/liveries. Get the A-4E, it’s awesome and free!

Funny I had just downloaded that this morning. If some day I ever hopped into a random server, would that cause issues being a new flyable plane if I just left it in there?

An extended stick is vastly more useful in helicopters than it is in planes, and it’s already useful in planes.

The Huey is a pretty decent starter helo, in that it’s the least unstable of the bunch and teaches you the fewest habits that’ll get you in trouble with others. The Ka-50 is easier to fly, especially if you use Flight Director mode instead of the full autopilot, thanks to its computer-augmented controls. I wrote a Steam guide on flying the Ka-50, which may be useful. (Obviously, eventually you have to learn how to use the autopilot correctly, but Flight Director mode gets you flying in a helicopter that feels like it’s on rails compared to all the conventional models.)

AFAIK, none at all.

@Fishbreath, that is a nice guide you wrote m8!

I’m dizzy as fuck, did about four hours of VR fightclub. Full house, six guys were in at the busiest. We started out in MiG-21’s and F-5E’s. Then moved on to warbirds for a bit before jumping into choppers. Two multicrewed Hueys jousting is hilarious but also dizzying. The Mi-8 did remarkably well in helicopter dogfighting, while the Ka-50 is surprisingly bad at it. Anyway, very swirly. After that, my BFM was absolutely pants and I got murdered about five times trying to best a clean F-15 before we called it quits.

Would some of you see if you can run this mission? It has all the aircraft in the game in it, and a few other things and after 5 minutes it crashes on me. I wonder if it’s my install (even though I repaired), or my settings, my computer just can’t handle it, or something else.