Recent Indie Games

Every few months I poke around for smaller games to play when I only have a few minutes, and I thought I’d share some of my recent findings here. I searched for previous mentions of these on the forums, and found one or two scattered mentions. Hopefully this won’t be repeating too much. If anyone’s found any other recent gems, I’d love to hear about them!

Within a Deep Forest is a fun and innovative platformer with great atmosphere. You bounce a ball through the various levels, and as you progress you unlock balls made of different materials.

Survival Crisis Z is an action RPG from the same guys that made Zombie Smashers. I’ve tried most of their games, but SCZ really stands out for me for its creepy feel and the way it captures some of the classic zombie movie vibe that we’ve rambled on about in various other threads.

Cortex Command is a nuttily ambitious side-scrolling duel game sort of in the vein of Worms, but with more carefully modelled physics. It’s just at the test version stage, but what they have so far is incredibly promising and fun just to play around with.

There’s no demo, and it won’t be out for a few months yet, but Aquaria won $20,000 and the Grand Prize at the IGF this month, and the screens/video look amazing. I’m not a big fan of sidescrollers, but an open-ended sidescroller sounds pretty cool to me, especially given how beautiful this game looks. One of the developers is Derek Yu, who produced the utterly charming Eternal Daughter.

Is anyone really just not spending all their time playing Peggle Deluxe?

Heh, I just recently installed that one since someone else recommended it, but it won’t run. Just opens a window and gives me a “Website cannot be displayed”-style message. Previous Popcap games worked without a hitch for me.


That Aquaria game looks awfully cool.

It really does. I was sort of getting a Super Metroid vibe off of it.

Yeah, neat art and environments, the action looks interesting, and even the writing and voice acting seem strong, based on that video at the bottom of the site. Cool premise, too. I’m sold.

Damn you, Chet. Damn you to hell!

(IOW, I hadn’t heard of Peggle Deluxe until you mentioned it.)

Err… Ecco the Dolphin?

Not really an indie as its free but I released my GDC presentation art game, The Marriage.

And yes I am playing Peggle :)

You don’t shoot shit and fight giant bosses in Ecco!

Interesting to watch the Aquaria video and see your comments, because I was thinking super metroid meets ecco the whole time I was watching.

Penumbra: Overture

First-person horror adventure complete with physics engine, made by a four person-team out of their own homes. Originally started out as a tech-demo called Penumbra, and has evolved into a full-blown game, coming out in three episodes.

Download tech-demo here
Download demo of first episode here (updated graphics)

Youtube Videos:

Physics demonstration
combat demonstration:

May I also reccomend Blood Zero by the same guy. It’s only available via his forums now. He really does manage to capture an excellent atmosphere in his games.

Just watched the video they had, that looked amazing. As long as there isn’t an air meter I’ll be happy.

Bah it’s all been downhill since Fathom.

Okay on the shooting. But I remember plenty of dolphin-dash giant boss fights in the Eccos!

Could be. Those games sucked so bad I didn’t play long. The original I remember not being able to get out of the first (or early) area. That was that!

Lack of player skill != “game sucks” Charles. ;)

(Seriously, don’t know of many people who didn’t like at least the first Ecco. Though I’ll throw in with you in hoping it’s more like Super Metroid than Ecco simply because I can’t think of many better 2D games than Super Metroid. Enough so that I’m now wondering whether the SNES emulator for the PSP is good enough to handle it so that I can play through it again. Hell of a game, that was!)

I thought the first Ecco looked amazing. Didn’t play it much, though.

Bah, it’s all been downhill since Dolphin.

My SNES is hooked up to my HDTV with Super Metroid in it. I replay it regularly. Hooray!