Recommend a F2P MMRPG

Never played MMO and not sure that I’ll appreciate to much social interaction. In all games always played the solo part only.
Still, that many people can’t be wrong and now all major games have introductory f2p option.
Can you recommend one for a loner?

I solo’d LOTRO up to max level, log in now and then to play. Very good free game.

DDO and LOTRO are pretty cool, and you can earn a lot of stuff in both games instead of having to purchase it.

Age of Conan is F2P as well, although its a great game, I don’t know how restrictive the F2P version is.

LotRO was the most fun I had playing any PVE MMO. I haven’t really played since it went F2P, but the quests are good, the graphics are good and I’ve heard the community is as good as it’s always been, which is pretty damn good. (They were the friendliest MMO community I’ve found.)

Pirates of the Burning Sea is my dark horse pick, provided you like the thought of arcadey-but-still-better-than-anything-else Age of Sail naval combat and PvP. It’s kind of like EVE-light.

Thanks, I’ll try LotRO. Hope it’ll be fun.

Have fun, and let us know if you have any questions!

Relax with the padding of posts though - you are going a bit crazy ;-)

Don’t both DDO and LotRO sell non-cosmetic things? (access to some parts of the game IIRC)

Is there any major MMORPG which is actually truly free to play, meaning it only earns money through advertisements or sale of strictly cosmetic items?

For something different try Star Trek online that just went F2P. Very solo friendly and none of that ‘kill 10 rats’ running back and forth. I liked LOTRO and it is a beautiful game, but the slow pace of traveling wasn’t for me.

All the content in STO is free, but the best ships, etc do cost.

Lotro is probably the best wow-alike. If you time it right, buying the mines of moria expansion for like $10 will give you a GREAT value on the premium content. You either activate it when your character reaches the premium areas it gives for a month or you activate it at the start in order to create one of the premium character classes.

Pirates of the burning seas is a unique mmorpg that i liked a lot. If you liked Pirates! and wanted more, this is the best there is. If you’re feeling tired of the typical mmorpg gameplay, this might be a nice change of pace. I’m not a sailing exert, but this game has the best/most fun implementation of naval warfare in any game i’ve played.

DC Universe. A more actiony mmorpg. I liked this. It isn’t as divergent from the mainstream as pirates, but it it plays a lot more like an action game than lotro.

HahaSoFunny: you would want to look in to non western mmorpgs since western gamers don’t buy that stuff at all compared to their eastern counterparts. I think allods online was the best korean mmorpg i’ve played. It was almost exactly like wow (even down to having an area EXACTLY like Stranglethorn value where you get ganked constantly by higher levels). It did add some stupid cash shop features, but i heard they were later changed to not be so… required.

I’ll jump in on the LOTRO bandwagon. Join up on the Nimrodel server if you want to play with the few Qt3 folk who still play the game or jump in from time to time!

Will do, sounds like fun place to start

Conan, CoX and DDO are all good and mostly free. They each have their own things that make them work.

DDO is good for me in bite sized chunks and with friends

CoX had the more active and fun combat imo and was also best character customization

Conan was excellent for the pvp aspect and melee combat

Didn’t conan only have a free trial where you could only play the earlier levels? It was also EXTREMELY class limited. Things may have changed though as i kind of wrote it off once i realized it was more demo than freemium mmorpg.

CoX does NOT age well by the way. A while back i tried it out again since it was freemium and it was VERY long in the tooth.

Conan allows Barbarian class all the way to 80 now. Other classes are available individually or in packs for pretty cheap.

I haven’t tried CoX in the last couple years but am downloading it right now to check. I last played it about 3 years ago.

The DDO Store sells additional content (bundled as Adventure Packs), account options like extra character slots or access to certain races & classes, and consumables & other gear. I haven’t played LOTRO since it went F2P, but I presume it sells much the same stuff.

I’ll second the recommendations for DDO; I’ve been playing it off & on since it went F2P and haven’t tired of it yet. LOTRO also gets my vote for “best F2P WoW clone” and probably “best WoW clone period.” I have a friend who enjoys STO and says it’s much improved since launch. I haven’t tried AoC, CoX, or Champions Online since they went F2P, but I liked them too (for a while) in their pre-F2P days.

Try them all they are free!
I regularly play DDO and STO.
Occasionally CoX.

What does CoX stand for?

City of Heroes / City of Villains = CoX ? I’m guessing. (Not really, I had the same question and had to look it up. Didn’t know they went F2P.)

Yep, that’s right. I’ve been a City subscriber since it launched (technically before, being in beta) but I’m on a break cycle from it. Every few months I do that, get into some other (usually single player) games, but I always end up back in CoX. The issue with it as a free game is that you’re extremely limited in the social aspects of the game until you’ve spent some money (limiting the spammers, ya know). If you try it and like it, I recommend spending a couple bucks in the store so that you’re considered “premium” instead of free, allowing a bit more freedom of communication. Won’t cost much, and helps a lot in hooking up with other players for groups.