Recommend me an HDTV

I finally decided to start using my XBox360, so I picked up Arkham Asylum and… found it nearly unplayable due to unreadable text. I’ve heard this is because I have an old non-HDTV, and thus… I need to upgrade.

My only requirements are that the TV plays well with my XBox, and ideally it wouldn’t be too expensive.

Any suggestions?

Samsungs are nice. If you are not going huge you can get a great deal by buying 720p (bigger TV - you’d want 1080p, or you may want that anyways)

If you just want a TV, skip extras like built in netflix / internet features.

I’m in the same boat right now. What size are you looking at?

The Samsung LED TVs are really tempting (and Amazon has a $250 off deal on the 40" and 46" right now when you add to cart). They’re incredibly thin and supposedly up to 40% less energy use. But they are quite a bit more than I want to spend, so will probably end up going LCD… Plasma is probably out since I have a pretty bright living room.

I’m just going to go and spout some advice verbatim that I got today while speaking to a specialist audio/video shop guy:

“Generally I’d avoid LCD panels above 37”, due to the loss of colour at viewing angles you’d normally think were ok. Also, and I personally find this important, you won’t get true black on an LCD panel. Plasma is the way to go for a decent, large display."

In fairness I asked him to prove it and he did, but it may have been a good plasma against a bad LCD comparison, I can’t be sure. But the plasma was damn sexy. I’m looking for a second panel at the moment, 42-42 inch, and I’m not considering LCD any more. I’d probably go for a Panasonic with the new 600hz interpolation technology which really does make a difference, especially with 25fps source.