Recommend me some tweezers

My current, over-the-counter tweezers have gripping ends that are large, rounded, and misaligned. I can’t grab an ingrown hair or a really fine splinter with them.

So, I would like a high quality pair of tweezers, with very small and precisely matched gripping ends. If I’m looking through a magnifying glass, I want to know that the grippy ends align with each other on all three axes, and are nice and sharp so that their rounded nubs don’t slip off the end of the splinter or ingrown hair embedded in my flesh. I’d prefer gripping ends that are really small (like 0.5mm pencil lead or smaller; the smaller the better) and even textured or crenelated to help grasp really small things.

So, um, does anything like this exist? Is there some nanometer pedicure supplier from whom I can buy one?

Read the Consumer Reports cover story on tweezers. It was June, 2008, I think…

There was a Consumer Reports cover story on… tweezers?

Once again, Qt3 has broadened my intellectual horizons!

I think Phil was laying on the sarcasm here.

It’s fucking tweezers.

Try a Tweezerman Slant. I admire its pluck.

It’s OK to groan.

What happens if I use tweezers to make holes in my LCD monitor? I really need to know. But I won’t tell you why.

Second the Tweezerman recommendation :) They’re…the tweeziest?

Tweezers. Serious business.

I think it’s funny, but I can understand some people wouldn’t. Tweeze his own.


Please apply palm directly to the forehead.

“As seen in Marie Claire.”

They must be good.

shift6, I totally understand where you are coming from (I think). I use tweezers all the time to pull ingrown hairs, or to pull eyebrow or facial hairs that are like two or three times as thick as my normal hairs (for some reason they drive me crazy). I’ve tried to use normal tweezers at friend’s houses from time to time and they don’t work well – they are too big and clumsy to grab small stuff without grabbing a bunch of extra skin or other hairs that I don’t want.

Here’s what I’ve found that works: the tweezers that come with Swiss Army knives. Someone a long time ago gave me a mini Swiss Army knife – like two inches long, with just a couple of blades. But it came with a pair of tweezers (and a toothpicks). The tweezers are great, the best I’ve ever used. They are small, short, and very thin. This combination makes them good for precise stuff and also means they have a very tight, sure grip (because I’m squeezing near the gripping ends). I recommend this. And you can get the knives for like 12 bucks online.

Personally I like the Revlon ones you get at a place like Meijer’s. They don’t have a pokey end and grab/hold really well.

For serious tweezin’, you need a Tweezmaster.


Available in


the Cadillac of tweezers.

Ingrown hair/splinter tweezers for your manly tweezer needs.

Thank you Enduro_Man (and Leah C)! I am going to the nearest supplier immediately after work today to comparison shop for the finest set of Tweezerman uber-tweezers. I intend to start my day tomorrow with a face free of miscolored ingrown beardy hairs and thick starchy eyebrow hairs (Nengjanggo had this right). I will also freely run my hands over the weathered bannister on my apartment staircase, knowing that I can immediately address any splintery wood issues!