ReCore - Inafune's robo-shooter


Is it bad that i don’t even know how to update a windows store game?

Ah found it.


Game updates just happen automatically anyway




So it’s a free upgrade if you already own, but did I miss the price announcement?

edit: looks like I did, $19.99, but also coming to Game Pass.


Free upgrade! Nice.


is “reconstruction disc” or “reconstruction dx11” a better quality setting?


Is it still a Windows store exclusive? They may remaster it to be game of the century and I won’t buy it there.


Here is what is being added!


Holy crap, dying reload times were originally between 30 and 60 seconds? Yeah I’m glad I waited on this one.


It was a pretty fun game. Most of my problems were with their shit online store and shit multi-player service. Sadly I doubt they fixed either.


ReCore doesn’t have any multi-player or online services.


To clarify, i meant windows store and games for windows live.

I had a ton of problems with both when i bought my first and only game from the windows store (recore).

With games for windows live, the game would crash at startup with no real reason why from what i remember. It ended up taking a lot of research to find other people with the same problem in order to find out that somehow my save for the game on games for windows live had become corrupted and it was causing the game to crash. There was zero support for the game. I forgot how i fixed it, but it was 100% a games for windows live issue with syncing settings and/or the save.

Using the window store also led to errors installing the game, once again with no real error (i think it was the super fun something has happened).

I’m not sure how good a game would have to be for me to use windows store again. Playing it would probably have to be scientifically proven to cure cancer.


I actually work on the store services and know firsthand how rough things were last year. I wont try to justify or excuse any of those problems but I will say that we’ve fixed every major issue since ReCore/Forza/Gears/etc. launched last year and everything is worlds different under the hood now even if it might not look like much changed on the surface.

So at the very least, I won’t ask you to spend any money on something you don’t trust, but if you already own the game and didn’t previously get a refund you should give it another shot now.


Seems the update is good?

Anyone playing?


I’m glad to hear that. I always thought the game looked like it could have been cool, if it were finished (content and bug-wise). Might well pick this one up now.


I am not playing, haven’t yet bought, but I do want to. Just need to clear that backlog out a little bit more …


Same here. I do want to get it once I can at least get a few shooters off my backlog. Destiny 2, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.


Ooh, looks like there’s a demo. Remember those?


I enjoyed the demo back upon release. I held back on purchasing because of the poor reviews. It sounds like most of those issues have been fixed now though. Those issues were not evident early in the game in the demo area.


Welcome to Steam!