Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

Aim your weapon and press U, then left click. According to the internets.

You truly are the MVP! :)

Seriously? Goodness :(

I don’t think I’ve used U for anything since the 8 bit era.

I think it might have been Nesrie in the other thread (for the PC version) who said it felt like they just tried to assign every action to its own key.

I love this game so much, even the busywork stuff that would probably annoy me in any other game. This really is a very convincing simulacrum of the life of a cowboy in a very contemplative western film.

Finally 100% Story.

Highlights for me are mostly in Chapter 6, where it cashes every cheque it made previously. My goodness what a paid off.

That calvary charge to attack the oil refinery is like sometime out of a western, and my goodness that is orgasmic.

The scene with Arthur and the sister talking in the train station is so on the nose, but it works for me, because of the previous 100+ hours. No it was just sand in my eyes.

Endgame roaming IMO is just unjustifiable story wise. So Marston’s farm is right next to Skinner territory. Hell Uncle was kidnapped once from the farm already by them. It would be pretty irresponsible for Marston to leave his farm for days or weeks to hunt a legendary animal or go fishing.

Arthur in the end became an anti-hero, but my favourite must be Sadie Adler. Because she evolved from a survivor to a badass. I loathe to use the F word but she is the other kind of feminist, compared to suffragettes in Rhodes. Surely it is not a coincidence that she sports the same braid as Kassandra, another badass.


Moonshiner coming Dec. 13 to RDO. Will require Trader Rand 5. Properties coming also, at some point.

Man, the Strauss mission in cougar cave really made me agree with some random Reddit poster that rdr2 is low-key a horror game.

You haven’t seen the worst of it yet if that’s what spooked you. Admittedly, I hated that mission too.

I remember having some pretty scary times at night in the swamp.

Sounds like getting started on the RDO Moonshiner stuff will cost somewhere around 30 gold bars and $700, minimum, and the cheaper shack properties will probably be less conveniently located than the more premium properties.

They’re also adding another gun, bandoleers (one variant free for PC players) and clothes. Best way to start saving up now would probably be to work on a daily challenge streak and go after treasure.

Strauss is awful.

I think when I’m done with this one in two or three months I’ll probably pull out the PS3 and play the first one. I picked it up a year or so ago but only got part of the way through. I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff I’m not getting out of this one because of it, but it’ll be interesting to me to see how it all shakes out in the end.

But his waltzes are pretty great, you’ve gotta admit. ;-)

Just finished my second playthrough. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the epilogues. And the credits. Not sure it’s my favorite game evar, but likewise not sure what game is if this isn’t. Witcher 3 is the competition.

This is a like. You have received a like.

I can feel this one drawing to a close and I’m honestly pretty bummed. Been a good ride.

This is the buggiest game I’ve played in recent memory. Not enough to make me stop playing, certainly, but man is it annoying at times. Just had a mission fucked because I got killed during the transition from playing to cutscene, so the scene played out in a black screen and I couldn’t pause or anything. Had to kill the program and restart it.

It’s definitely not the poster child of how to do a good PC port, but the game is worth the aggravation.

You reminded me of this gem…