Red Dead Redemption 2 - For a Few Redemptions More

Thus making tradition having the prequel star a main character that no one mentions at all in the previous game.

Go completely different and make it a Pinkerton agent who sees that his boss is actually corrupt and has a personal agenda for going after Dutch and the gang. He participates in the corruption while chasing down bad guys and gangs. He is one of the guys on the beach with Arthur when the main Pinkerton guy confronts Arthur. He sees Arthur taking a kid fishing, it doesn’t match what he’s been told about Arthur being a cold blooded bastard, and he starts having second thoughts, particularly as they do their own bad deeds under the cover of a badge.

Not a bad idea, although the only two agents present during the fishing scene are Milton and Ross, and they are both already important to the series.

There was a third agent lurking in the bushes! We play as that guy.

Oh man, now I’m imagining a game as a Pinkerton agent, something like Dashiell Hammet’s Continental Op. You’d be a plug-ugly juggernaut of a detective trying to help people solve problems but also occasionally do some pretty ethically shady things for your superiors, maybe bust up some unions or try to sink some politician’s rival. That would be pretty sweet.

Correct, you had to look really closely, he was out of frame for most of the shot.

OH! I know…You have to play the whole game as that agent disguised as a bush.

I couldn’t bring myself to uninstall yet, so I hunted the legendary bear and sold him to the trapper.

Edit: Never mind. I didn’t realize I had a map in my satchel with the locations.

I see the location for a legendary wolf on my map. How do we learn about the locations of the other legendary animals? Are we just supposed to roam the lands and find them or do we get info in game about them?

That’s how I learned. If there’s another way I’m unfamiliar with it.

I don’t remember where or how I got it, but I’m pretty sure I have a map of legendary animals. I’m guessing it’s probably part of the Naturalist role.


And Now, for Something Completely Different

Was that the movie in which one sketch the couple goes to a restaurant and the guy mentions to the waiter that the fork at one of the place settings is a bit dirty, and it’s escalated by the staff into a tragedy of epic proportions? I was wiping away tears, I was laughing so hard.

I’m picking up a couple of AAA titles to give my new gaming rig a good workout and RDR2 seems to be a prime candidate (and it’s on Steam sale right now). Is the Ultimate Edition worthwhile for an additional $20, or is the Standard Edition good enough? I only care about single player content, and it looks like the Ultimate Edition only adds a few (unique?) items plus one side mission.

From the list of extras, I can’t see the Ultimate Edition adding anything other than a quick leg up and a bit of extra content. There is so much content in the game that a few extra robbery missions aren’t worth it, and the extra gear will obsolete a lot of the initial gear quests. IMHO save your $20.

Get standard.

Copy that, thanks to you both. Bonus gear that supersedes early gear gains is a definite downside for me. A major part of my (everyone’s?) enjoyment of these games is when you find gear that is better than what you already have. That upgrade feeling is always a rush.

Finally managed to play through all of this. Watchi g the credits. It’s dusty in here. No you’re crying. Not me.

What a beautiful game. So well written. I loved and cared for those characters. I enjoyed the land so much, the wilderness of it. Not regretting buying an xbox x and 60" oled for this ;)

Finally grabbed this on XSX for 20 bucks. Installing now.

Envious, I wish I could play it again for the first time. It has been 4 years since I played it and I still remember too much to replay it.

Such a great game. Right up there with Witcher 3 in writing, world building etc. Not as consistently good, but the good parts are good. It’s also really pretty, just a great place to be.