Red Dead Redemption sequel?

I still don’t understand why RDR was never ported to PC.

Think it was the engine/code for the original PS3 version being so customized to get it working on that machine it wasn’t deemed worth it to try and port it to the PC.

And the 360 version code?

Don’t care how it’s implemented just so long as it has six-shooters, shotguns, horses, and dust. Though, I would prefer a prequel since the first was set at what I consider to be the end of the Wild West (Hollywood version) era.

Rockstar never has plans to bring anything to PC until they bring that thing to PC.

Okay, that might have kicked my Red Dead fandom into overdrive. I think that was maybe a Rockstar employee’s personal map. I cleaned it up and added the RDR map. Some of the text was really hard to decipher, so I could be wrong!

I obtained a screenshot of the different landmass chunks in Red Dead from an extracted archive on the XBOX disc. Using that I saw it fits exactly with the same square chunks on the leaked image, which makes me think the maps’s real. I made an updated version of the map which includes the added RDR terrain. You can see the extracted streaming chunks from Red Dead Redemption matches up perfectly with the cross over terrain. I also included a black & white version for readability.

Jesus dude that’s genius

Haha, nah! I just got caught up with being all Indiana Jones and trying to solve the riddle of blurry map locations.

If the Benzies information from the Rockstar lawsuit is correct, it does not bode well for the technical execution on a new RDR game, particularly for those hoping for an eventual PC version. I have no knowledge of their company’s workings, of course, but it “scans” pretty correct.

Here’s another little iteration. Filled in some names and used the extracted RDR terrain to provide a bit of mountains to the otherwise flat districts in the original region. Plus, it now shows how the streaming pieces line up. All in one picture now!

I don’t know what to make of the “New Bordeaux” section in the bayou part of the map. That’s the name of Mafia 3’s New Orleans-inspired city. It makes me think someone had added that to the map, but since the text is the same font and size it looks like it was on the original image.

Are the islands to the east in the blank part of the map supposed to be some kind of symbol? There is a symmetry to them.

Nice work, MrTibbs.

Of course now I expect your hard work will be spread all across the world.

I’m sure someone is posting it to reddit with no credit for those sweet sweet internet points as we speak.

Oh, that’s just a quick way to “fatten” the border on the art. I would be extremely surprised if they actually modeled that.

Haha, Giles and kedaha, I only made it for fun. Anyone who’s interested can find out who’s behind it, not that I mind either way!

Crossing my fingers crossed they don’t screw up Red Dead’s game formula or make it TOO big. I’d rather have something of a comfortable size and then open more game lands for DLC, rather than an all-at-once approach (might be alone on that one). I loved the ambient nature and simple side quests of the Red Dead formula. Here’s a Red Dead Vs. GTA V map based on all the size comparisons to the original RDR found on the net for those that are interested.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Sweet! No sourcing or name shout out! Sweet!

Thanks for the map “fan”.

It probably is “The Heartlands” but my brain filled it in as “The Hinterlands”. :)

RDR is the only game that has ever made me seriously consider buying a console. I have not done so. Yet.

Wow, Eurogamer did not even try to cite a source for MrTibbs work! Lazy fucks.

Too bad you didn’t slap a QT3 watermark on it. Some neckbeard is going to take credit for your work now!