Red vs blue ends

so the post there has 3 links, each of which shows the last episode but each has a different ending. i liked the first one the best.

Huh, I hadn’t heard they were ending it before this. Seems odd to kill their cash cow. Have any of their other projects taken off?

I don’t follow them really well, but isn’t it likely that they will create a new series for Halo 3?

They didn’t for Halo 2. They just kept it going with a little inter-dimensional warp to explain the differences in visuals (including a bit using the old Marathon game). That said, they seem to be specific in announcing that it’s “The Blood Gulch Chronicles” that’s ending, not RvB itself, so maybe they’re prepping a new storyline. Actually, that’d be welcome seeing as the “Gulch” storyline is pretty damned convoluted by now.

Didn’t these stop being funny like 90 episodes ago?

This show stopped being funny when it got too convoluted last season with the two people in one body, the evil villain, the headless traitorous robot, etc. etc. etc.

I made an UrbanDictionary entry about this trend.

The new Shadowrun series is pretty darn funny so far. Love the tech support call.

i loved the whole series and never found it that complicated. the episodes were only 5-7 minutes per week.

Wow, I didn’t even know they were still making new RvB episodes. I tuned out after season 2, around the time I started needing a freaking Pantone chart to keep track of the characters.

I laughed. How often do you get to make a Pantone joke?

Not often enough.

/RvB peaked at “SHEEEEIIILLLAAAA!!!”