Reinstalling an AMD XP processor on new mobo.. Need advice!

Ok guys…

I just bought a new mobo, and i’m going to take off my AMD XP 2000 off the older mobo and install it on the new mobo. What’s the best way to do this? I used Artic Silver 3 on the AMD XP 2000 that’s on my current mobo.

So my main question is:

  1. When pulling off the heatsink that sits on my AMD processor, can I use rubbing alcohol to wipe off the paste that’s on the processor and heatsink? Is that safe?

What should my main consideration be when I attempt to do this process this week?


Yeah, high purity rubbing alcohol should work. Both the Artic Silver site and AMD’s site have some detailed instructions on cleaning HSFs and processors.

Just make sure you go slow and think twice before doing anything

I’ve used alcohol and Q-Tips to remove paste and the clean up one of my AMD cpu’s without any problems. Like the above poster suggests, I took it slow and thought twice about everything. The cpu is still running just fine.

thanks for the help guys…

Is it the same make of motherboard? If not, Windows 2000 or XP may refuse to boot.

You may have to do a REPAIR operation so that W2K/XP copies over the correct drivers for your new motherboard. You don’t select REPAIR right away. Instead, you start as a “new” installation, then select the REPAIR option after it prompts you.

Been there, done that twice,