Does anybody have any experience either themselves or with someone they know using this drug? Long story but my father has now been put on this and while we dis-agree with his being depressed there may be merit to the drug as far as it’s use to stimulate appetite.

He recently was put into a medical rest home due to breaking his hip. While he was far from in great shape before breaking his hip the trip into and out of the hospital (probably 6 days) really seems to have taken it’s toll on him. He has “aged” both physically and mentally from the experience. We think maybe he had a small stroke but the doctors checked and just chalk it up to the whole trauma of the broken hip.

So if you have any personal knowledge of Remeron I would be interested to hear it.

It’s one of the oldest and mildest anti-depressants. My doctor actually prescribes it to me as a sleep aid (which it’s really good for) and the added bonus of the mood boost. I wouldn’t worry about it. Shit like Paxil and Effexor (SSRIs) on the other hand can really mess up your body, especially if he decides to stop taking them eventually. But, have him take it before bed, he’ll sleep better and feel better when he wakes up.

Good to hear. I have been lucky I think to reach my age and not have to take any prescription drugs and when you start reading side effects it can get pretty scary.

About all it did for me was work as a sleep aid, but it did that quite effectively.

Remeron knocked me out for at least 14 hours at a time. I was completely unable to function on it.