Repairing Older LCD TVs

I have a 32" ViewSonic LCD TV that I bought years ago, paid just south of $700 for it, but it keeps turning on and off as it desires, like every few minutes.

A replacement has already been purchased for less than half the price of the ViewSonic, but I could still use the thing to replace an even older 25" CRT TV if the expense of a repair is cheaper than buying a new one.

So my question is, are these things disposable, or worth fixing? There is a reputable repair shop in my area, just don’t feel like lugging the thing there if there is no point in doing so.

Thanks for any advice.

Honestly it all depends on what the problem is. Just going off what you said I’d say the repair is going to cost you no less then 150$ it sounds like it might be the power board going out and that can be upwards of 100 bucks for a new one (if not more) then you have labor and yadda yadda.

Honestly it might just be better in the long run to get a whole new set.

We live in an era of throw away technology. Unless you get lucky, instead of repairing it’s usually cheaper and easier to replace it with something both newer and better.

I had a similar issue with my old Dell 20" monitor. The inverter board needed to be replaced; it cost about $100 at the time. Now, a 20" monitor isn’t much more than that.

I would call the repair place up and see what they say, but it seems most places want $100 just to look at the TV and it doesn’t take much in way of parts and labor on top of that to make repair pointless. And you don’t want to sink $100 into it and then decide to walk away. But if the repair guy seems confident that he knows what it is then it might be worth it if the TV is worth keeping.