Republic of Rome forum game II

@antlers @CF_Kane @Knightsaber @rho21 good game, thanks for it.

I thought that was a pretty minor decision and was shocked that it blew up so spectacularly. Nemo me impune iacessit, I guess. I had been surprised previously by the deal that brought Fabius Cunctator to the Optimates, because it was the result of secret negotiations and I had no idea any were ongoing. I thought “Assidui doesn’t win” was pretty much settled by the initial deal and my general unfamiliarity with the game.

Once it became clear that Optimates and Shepherds were collaborating. it was also clear that Fabius would go for the win if Macedonicus didn’t manage it, or even if Shepherds wasn’t interested in an immediate win. That’s why the assassination attempt on Fabius.

Yes, @rho21’s comment gives me a different perspective on it.

This is funny, cuz for a good part of the game I kept looking at your faction and saying I wish I had those guys.

Yes, I totally get that. It was a good move, though I think you guys should have tried Macedonicus first with the assassin card, and done it before he was able to reduce your voting block. I’m guessing you had enough vetoes in hand to force him to send his own Senators to govern provinces, but I don’t know that. It’s what I expected to happen.

Yes, that goes to show my unfamiliarity with the game. I didn’t have a clue at the beginning how valuable Aurelius’ influence was in recruiting senators, and I didn’t know that the family rule meant that having Cornelius was a huge prize (even if Scipio ended up not showing up until too late). I also didn’t realize the importance of influence in swaying prosecution and Consul-for-Life votes (although I also didn’t believe that such votes would be contested until we got a little further along…).

I was beaten down early by Evil Omens + Pontifex + a Mortality draw + Original Aemilius being killed while at war that I was down to 7 votes and something like 10 talents coming in.

Our spirit-of-cooperation agreements that let me get concessions back, and pick up Senators from the Forum while others passed brought me back from the bottom.

We probably could have beaten a few wars without Macedonius and Fabius and we didn’t prosecute enough.

In general, I think I ended up in a winning position because we were all too polite to each other for too long. (I know we wanted to see the Middle Republic, but I had to take it when it all came together.)

I feel pretty bad for @antlers, I had to send Governors and I knew scott was on my side, in case Macedonius fell, Fabius was all set to try. The failed assassination made me feel terrible, to be honest. After that I just wanted it to end, in all truthfulness. I don’t think anyone else would have been having much fun if we kept going.

So, sorry @antlers if your fun was ruined. Someone’s fun was bound to be taken away. This is a rough game. I also had no clue what was going on when we started but I think I’ve spent two weeks studying the RoR rules like there’s a midterm coming up on them.

No need to apologize-- the plague and unrest was a real opportunity that came up in game.

Great game all @Knightsaber, @scottagibson, @CF_Kane

Thanks so much for the narratives, @rho21!

In that regard, this is the death threat that Aurelius sent to Optimates. He was totally guilty, and deserved to be convicted.

Evidently, Calpurnicus arranged through one of his servants for a “team of assassins” to attack Fabius if Optimates voted the wrong way. The “team of assassins” or more likely the servant himself happily took the silver and didn’t bother showing up at the crucial time. This explains Calpurnicus’ impotent rage before he himself chose to strike.

Love it!

Someone should really run John Company next, with all these semi-coops going around. It doesn’t even have hidden information!

I so want to play John Company. Totally in. You can actually play that without a moderator too, as long as you trust people to roll dice (or use an online die roller). A shared google sheet would help.

You need someone to draw from the event deck, right? That’s about it though

(If I had it I would try to run it but I don’t :( )

Yeah, I suppose. I have a copy, but am a little tied up in the Founding Fathers game at the moment. I’ll pull it out and see if I can do anything about it.

Haha no worries! Moderating one game is a huge service, let alone two.

That is an excellent threat :)

(That seemed strange to type.)

I think I’m taking a nice forum game break. Avalon and BSG and RoR kind of sucked the life out of me.

@antlers, I also loved the threat, I laughed out loud when I saw it first thing in the morning.

I would play John Company just based on the name alone, I never heard of the game.

Will also play this one again if others are up for it and @rho21 has the time and inclination to run another.

I have the time and inclination, it’s actually not all that much work. Well, the stories take me a while, but they’re not required if I run out of time.

I also have a bunch of game resources stored in a PM if anyone else wants to take the reins.

Yeah, I’m down this time for next round.

As noted in the John Company thread, I’m going to be traveling for a month or so, starting in a couple of weeks, so probably I should sit out any game coming up in that timeframe.

I’d definitely like to play another round of RoR.

I enjoyed reading this thread, and its predecessor, as I prepared to play my first game. The threads gave me some great examples of play. I hope you don’t mind my posting a mini-AAR here, as this is the most recent RoR thread.

I was going to play with my kids but ended up playing three open hands instead, using the Early Republic scenario. After reading these forum games, I decided I’d play completely cooperatively, eschewing any prosecutions, and trying to use the best Senators for the most appropriate tasks.

I still failed miserably! My HRAO flubbed his very first speech, inducing some unrest (3 or 4) with his clunky prose. No faction had a decent commander; my top military man had a rating of 3. Still, on the first turn I sent fleets to fight the First Punic War. At first I exulted when I rolled a reasonable number, but then I realized it was the “standoff” number. My commander had no special ability to negate standoff, so I ended up losing fleets.

In turn 2, my new Rome Consul’s oratory was no improvement over his predecessor’s, and unrest continued to grow; by now it was around 4 or 5. I lost ships from Storms at Sea and suffered a Manpower Shortage, but even so managed to muster enough fleets to try the 1st Punic again. This time a stalemate. Mirabile dictu, no other wars appeared, but things were still looking grim, as the treasury was dwindling as fast as unrest was growing.

Turn 3 was no better. An able Senator died at turn start. The year saw no new wars, but more bad speeches, more unrest, and yet another stalemate at sea. By this time my factions had Knights and concessions that generated more income, and so everyone started pitching into the State treasury, gaining a bit of influence in the process.

Turn 4 was worse. My Senators seemed to have all attended the same bad speechmaking academy. Two new Active wars broke out: the Gallic War and another one (I forget which). By this time I had a couple of good commanders, and with three active wars, one (a guy who negated disasters and such against Carthage) was appointed Dictator. I was able to muster enough forces to prosecute the First Punic War and the Gallic War, but I rolled badly in both. More losses, more unrest. I suppose I should have just combined forces on one war, but with three active and unrest around 10, I thought I needed a big win to turn things around.

In Turn 5, the 2nd Punic War appeared, giving me four active wars – an auto-loss if not fixed by the end of the combat phase. As it happened, I didn’t get that far. One last bad speech sealed my fate, as my Senator’s bad command of Latin led the People of Rome to revolt.

Overall I kinda liked it, but I got increasingly surly as things never went right. I also felt like the housekeeping-to-decision ratio was kind of high. I did have to make a few interesting decisions: who to elect to what, how to prosecute wars. But a lot of time was spent on administrative tasks, like calculating revenue, rolling the dice for each Initiative, placing and removing markers, managing Senatorial funds and concessions and knights. Also the “death bingo” didn’t appeal to me as much as I thought it would. I might try the “aging Senator” variant next time. Above all I do think I should try the game with other humans, or using the bots.

Anyway, it’s a good game – but I think I made more fun reading your session report than playing mine. :)